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Do You Pay Apartment Locators?

You pay nothing, zip, zilch for AptAmigo’s apartment locating service. It’s 100% free! Sounds too good to be true, right? If you, like many of our former clients, hesitate to use AptAmigo because there must be a hidden catch in there somewhere...

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving out is a sign of new beginnings, but it can also be extremely stressful. From scheduling a moving company and making sure you get your security deposit back to measuring your new apartment for furniture...

How Much Should I Spend On Rent?

There are many things to think about when you’re looking for a new place to live, from amenities and location to square footage and move-in fees. As excited as you are to jump right in and start calculating your commute or finding your new local dive, figuring out how much you should spend on rent is a critical first step.

When to Start Looking for an Apartment?

I think we can all agree that apartment hunting takes forever. Even if you have a team of super-speedy apartment experts on your side, figuring out when to start looking can be a challenge. Believe it or not, there is actually an ideal apartment hunting window, and there’s even a logical explanation behind why it’s ideal. 

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AptAmigo Apartment Locators in Chicago

AptAmigo has a simple goal: to make finding an apartment easy and maybe even a little fun. With concierge-level care and an expert understanding of the local rental market, we’re more than your average apartment website. We’re perfecting done-for-you apartment searching, and we’re doing it all for free. Reach out to us today and start your VIP apartment search.

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Things to Do in RiNo, Denver

Things to Do in RiNo, Denver

Denver’s River North, or RiNo, art district is regularly viewed as an artist’s paradise, exhibiting the perfect combination of urban vibrancy and peaceful imagination. Whether hitting up a lively bar or tavern, or admiring curated gallery displays, you’ll find plenty...

How to Beat the Summer Heat in Austin

How to Beat the Summer Heat in Austin

It’s no secret that summers in Texas get hot. While most of the year remains comfortable, from June to September, you can expect temperatures in the 90s and above along with some serious humidity to boot. It’s the type of heat that takes some getting used to. Luckily,...

Things to Do in Downtown Austin, TX

Things to Do in Downtown Austin, TX

For endless reasons, more and more people are choosing to call Austin, TX home. To name a few: We get beautiful weather 90 percent of the time. You gain access to a distinct and robust culture with no shortage of events and activities to enjoy. And, it’s one of the...

Exploring Atlanta: Best Dim Sum

Exploring Atlanta: Best Dim Sum

Atlanta is a brilliant food city with endless Asian food options, so dim sum restaurants in Atlanta range from super traditional, round-tabled Chinese restaurants, to small plate pop-ups with fusion flavors. With so many to choose from, actually getting out for Dim Sum can become an issue. So, we assembled a selection of the best Dim Sum restaurants Atlanta has to offer.

How to Survive Chicago in the Winter

How to Survive Chicago in the Winter

If you’re planning to move to Chicago, those rumored winters might strike fear into your heart. But don’t worry. Our essential tips for surviving Chicago’s frigid weather will keep you toasty and help you to enjoy your first Chicago winter as much as possible....