They say one is the loneliest number—but not when you move to Dallas! We embrace a lifestyle of singleness here. (After all, we are the LONE Star State.) Whether you want to revel in your peaceful solitude, or get out there with others to combat your loneliness, you’ll find plenty of things to do alone in Dallas.

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Moving to Dallas Alone

Moving to Dallas solo doesn’t mean ending up lonely or staying alone forever, unless you prefer it that way. This city’s endless social outlets will entertain you, help you connect, add romance, find friendship, and so much more. Check out these awesome tips on single living and ways to make sure you’re not alone.

Finding Community

Even if you love your single life, everyone needs human connection. Whether you prefer a tight-knit group of friends who share common hobbies, or a simple daily smile with the same barista at your favorite coffee shop, you can tap into the communities that make you feel whole with little effort. 

Dating apps are (smartly) offering settings to help city newcomers make friends without the pressures of romance, but there are more ways at your disposal now that you’re in Dallas. has a group for every interest and category. Facebook communities for singles or for hobbies will connect you with lots of people, and so will local services such as Events & Adventures.

Finding the right apartment is also a great way to find community! Swim up to people you meet at the pool, connect with other pooches you see at the on-site dog park, or chat up a fellow resident at an apartment-sponsored community event. The right apartment building will bring you plenty of friends. In fact, AptAmigo’s apartment locators already know the best community-oriented buildings out there and will help you tour them for free.

How to Get Around

If you’re living the single life in Dallas, everything you might want sits right there at your doorstep. Apartments are smartly located within walking distance of grocery stores, gyms, nightlife, entertainment, and transit lines.

Speaking of which… On the days when you want to branch out and see a different part of the city, there’s the DART bus and train system. You can hop on in your local neighborhood and head anywhere in Dallas, including all the way North to Denton or West to Fort Worth. Being a regular user of public transit is also a great way to meet new people when you introduce yourself to the other routine riders.

If you need or have a car, that can expand your options for quick trips around the city, or even weekend getaways to further locations. You’re less likely to make friends driving alone, but there must have been a Hallmark movie that starts with a fender bender, right?

What to Do When Living in Dallas Alone

Tons of Activities & Events

There’s a TON to do in Dallas, for which you don’t need a partner. If you’re flying solo, these events and activities might just spark some joy for you.

Take yourself on a “treat-yo-self” day in Bishop Arts District. Buy a new outfit at one of the many boutiques. Eat lunch or dinner, or get drinks at one of the many flavorful restaurants and bars. And, don’t forget to stop off for dessert somewhere like the ice cream or chocolate shop.

Even if you’re going out alone, there’s no excuse not to be near people. Blend in with other concert goers at a big-name show at AT&T Stadium, or catch your favorite local band at a smaller venue in Deep Ellum. Cheer with tons of fans at the AA Center for a Mavs or Stars game. The city also organizes plenty of special events, including beer festivals, art fairs, vacation shows, and more.

There’s also a lot to do within driving distance of the city. From a replica Irish castle, complete with an attached llama farm, to a drive-in theatre, showing Hollywood’s latest flicks, a quick trip out of the city may be just what you need to get in some fun alone time.

Spectacular Views of the City

Sometimes you just want a night to enjoy the city that brought you so much. If you’re looking for spectacular views to use as backdrops for your memories, then here are some of our favorite spots.

You Don’t Have to Apartment Hunt Alone!

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