Nashville has surged in popularity, in part due to its charming culture and history. New residents flock to this city for a variety of entertainment options and some of the best food in the world. From must-haves to the housing scene— we’ve outlined everything you need to know before moving to Nashville.

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What Is Nashville Life Like?

Nashville is the perfect combination of welcoming and metropolitan.

You get the best of both worlds with southern charm and enough hustle and bustle to keep your weekends occupied. Regardless of where you find yourself here, there is a real sense of community. As the population and popularity of this city increases, a burgeoning new food and drink scene has been established. Whether it’s world-class dining, live music, or access to nature, Nashville checks all of the boxes. Read our exclusive inside scoop on living in Nashville here.

Even though Nashville is an urban city, it’s not very walkable.

This city is decently spread out and most areas are about a 15-minute drive or so from the next. While traffic (which is mild compared to New York and Los Angeles) is the major complaint of some residents, the costs associated with owning a vehicle is also shocking for many transplants who previously relied on public transportation.  

Summer is likely the real reason some choose not to make the move. Middle Tennessee has *less than ideal* air quality, and when paired with extreme heat and humidity is a recipe for a long, sweltering summer.

Things Locals Know That You Might Not

The housing market has spiked recently. Most locals will tell you to take your search a bit further and discover the lesser-explored neighborhoods— like Donelson, Madison, and Old Hickory— to save on rent. 

37206. Also known as East Nashville, this area code is very well-known locally. You’ll find bumper stickers, t-shirts, and artwork all paying ode to one of the most popular zip codes in this city.

Things You Need

A car, an air conditioner, and a bit of Southern charm are all Nashville necessities. Honestly, the latter is optional, but it sure does help. 

You guessed it: cowboy boots. Although it may seem stereotypical, many Nashville natives sport their boots at their favorite local pub.

A Bushwacker. After a long day of exploring this beautiful city, head to your local bar, and order one of these famous Nashville cocktails. You’ll thank us later.

Things You Don’t Need

A Bushwacker… Or at least more than one. These drinks are known for getting you tipsy quicker than most cocktails.

A metrocard. As previously mentioned, most locals own their own vehicles and public transportation is few and far between. 

A winter coat. Something that hits the waist and has at least a lining will do the trick. Yes, Nashville gets snow; but no, the temperatures are not miserable and it’s over before you know it. Don’t miss our article on moving from Chicago to Nashville, to see just how different weather and lifestyle can change between major U.S. cities.

Unsweetened tea. We’re not even sure this exists in the South, but we definitely don’t recommend it. Locals may side-eye if you ask for it.

The Nashville Housing Scene

Depending on your preference, you can make yourself at home in a 1930’s Tudor or a new, luxury condominium with rooftop views. Either way, Nashville offers something for everyone

As with most popular cities, rental prices are increasing as more people decide to call Nashville home. Thankfully, many apartment complexes are offering rent specials that make living here more affordable. To get the best deals in Nashville right to your inbox, sign up for our exclusive deals email here. Then, read more about what to do to prepare for your move.

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