What Services Do Apartment Locators Provide?

Some things belong in partnership — peanut butter and jelly, pencils and paper, apartment hunters and the apartment locators who help them. It’s true! 

Even the most dedicated researchers and decision makers will find themselves struggling when it comes to apartment hunting in a big city. From trying to choose among the hundreds of available buildings, to calling around to book tours, apartment hunting gets stressful, fast.

It’s a challenge; we know. That’s why we created AptAmigo’s apartment locator services. You don’t have to hunt alone for your next home, and here are five reasons why you shouldn’t.

Top 5 Reasons for Using Apartment Locators

1. It’s Free!

As a business, we aren’t afraid to be up-front about our costs because, well, there are none! Moving is expensive enough, and your money matters. That’s why we choose not to charge clients any fees. Instead, we build productive partnerships with local apartment buildings, who pay us commissions when someone we help signs a lease.

When choosing an apartment locating service, check the fine print to be sure you will never be asked for money. A legitimate service (like us) will be completely free to clients. Is doing it on your own free, too? Sure. But there are more reasons than this one to want the help…

2. You Get Personalized, VIP Service with Your Apartment Hunt

The red carpet shouldn’t be reserved for just celebrities or a special few. That’s why we treat every client like the individual VIP they are. Everyone comes to us with different preferences, lifestyles, and needs. We find the options that fit your criteria. That’s why, on your first phone call, we take a ton of notes and make the process all about you.

Seriously! We will never try to strong-arm you into a particular building. In fact, we don’t even suggest buildings that don’t match your needs. This process is about making you happy and finding your perfect place.

3. You’ll Save Time & Energy

You could spend hours sifting through hundreds of online apartment listings, only to waste time discovering they don’t match your desires. You can also burn up a whole day calling buildings to set up tours or find pricing, only to be met with an answering machine each time. Or… you could just leave it up to us.

We make it easy. Once we know your preferences, we put together a list of buildings that match you most closely. The search happens at lightning speed because we already have an extensive network of buildings in our system and agents who know exactly what they offer. You select which ones you like, and we schedule your tours and get you the information you need. There you go! No wasted time or energy.

4. You’ll Gain the Insider Expertise of Your Agent

Real people offering real expertise about a city they live in too. It couldn’t be simpler! At AptAmigo, we make it our business to only hire locators who know the city and the market. Our agents study our database to learn everything they can about the individual buildings.

That’s all so we can fit you into the perfect place, while also getting you access to the best deals and apartment concessions. Whether you’re new to the area or a long-time resident, take advantage of the insider industry knowledge our local apartment locators possess.

5. We’ll Help You Get to Know Your New City (or Your Old One) Better

We don’t just drop you like a hot potato as soon as you sign a lease. No way! Our apartment locators are here to help you take advantage of your new city or area, or even get to know your old city better. You can rely on the recommendations of our agents, blogs, and newsletters to find crucial information on how to make your move go smoothly (like our top tips for first time renters) and what to check out around your new digs. There’s always more to explore!

Connect with a Local Expert

Getting started on your apartment hunt is as easy as calling AptAmigo. A few minutes on the phone with us is all you need to find your perfect place. With all the reasons above, what do you have to lose?

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