Why Should I Consider Moving from Chicago to Austin?

As the third largest city in the US, Chicago never sleeps. With so many activities to do here, from seeing a Broadway musical, to taking in a Cubs or White Sox game, to strolling along Grant Park, and shopping along Navy Pier, the word “boredom” doesn’t even exist in this city’s vocabulary.

Chicago is a fun and bustling city with plenty of energy. But, if you want to switch to a more relaxing vibe without giving up the diversity of Chicago, you might enjoy what Austin has to offer. Traveling south affords you the ability to move at a slower pace without losing the vibrancy of the city. Austin’s reputation as a trendy city, signaled by its nickname the Music Capital of the World, doesn’t always convey the full picture of its entertainment, technology, and business offerings. If you plan to move from Chicago to Austin, you’ll need to dig deeper, and we can help.

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Midwest vs. Southern Culture: Factors to Consider when Moving from Chicago to Austin

Overall Lifestyle

As you plan for your move, think carefully about the changes in store after you move away from “The Windy City.” Weather, for instance, will likely contribute to your decision because Austin is considerably more temperate than Chicago. You’ll probably appreciate that change if you find the blustery winters in Chicago tiring.

However, you will also need to consider several other factors. Housing is even more expensive in Austin than in Chicago, with a higher cost of living to go with it. Getting around Austin will take some getting used to since it works quite differently than public transportation in Chicago. But, Austin is also a walkable city, especially if you choose the downtown area. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about moving from Chicago to Austin.

Housing Options

The housing market in Austin remains fairly hot, with appreciation increasing by 148 percent over the past decade. The current median cost of a home comes in at around $650,000. If you’re not ready to buy when you move, rentals make up the living situation for about half of the city’s population. Many homes sell above the list price with multiple offers.

Renting in Austin is comparable to Chicago, with one-, two-, and three-bedroom units sitting within a $100 price difference between the two cities. Pricing varies widely though, with neighborhoods closer to Downtown costing more than some of the outlying suburbs. However, cheaper rent outside the city center could be offset by the financial and time costs of commuting Downtown every day.


Chicago’s impressive network of public transportation can get you anywhere you need to go. While Austin depends more on cars, they do provide the metro rail and capital metro for train and bus travel. If you plan to travel very far, you’ll likely want to buy your own car.

Nevertheless, Austin is a walkable city, especially if you live close to the downtown area. You’ll find shops and restaurants within walking distance as well as hotels and shopping for all your Chicago friends who want to come to visit you in your new home.

Job Market

Austin’s job market continues to grow and draw in new talent, especially recent college graduates interested in tech careers. You’ll also find plenty of jobs in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry.

A low unemployment rate and big-name companies, such as Apple and 3M, make Austin an appealing choice for young professionals and anyone wanting to advance their careers. A higher average income in Austin helps to offset the higher cost of living for this city.

Recreational Opportunities

With warm weather throughout much of the year, Austin is the perfect place for outdoor recreational activities. Get to know the city on numerous walking and bus tours. You can even experience the dark side of Austin with a Murder Walk. Boat tours give you a unique view of the city, while the Live Music Crawl showcases why people call Austin the Music Capital of the World.

Recreational opportunities in Austin are just as diverse as the people who live here. Enjoy the quiet activities of birdwatching, bat watching, or playing in the water at one of the water parks. Find paths to explore and trails to hike, or get to know the cultural side of Austin with museums and art galleries. The city is also home to numerous festivals all year round.

For more activities, why not Tour Austin Like a Local?


These two cities experience dramatically different weather throughout the year. Chicago is known for its blustery winters with cold temperatures made worse by the wind chills. Austin’s much milder winters coincide with only a slight drop in temperature.

On the other hand, Austin summers can feel just as challenging as Chicago winters. Heat and humidity will descend upon the southwestern city with the thermometer reaching 100+ degrees Fahrenheit on multiple consecutive days. Aside from a few absurdly humid months in Chicago, the wind blowing off the Great Lakes in Chicago helps keep the hot temperatures of summer feeling slightly less miserable.

Get Ready for Your Move to Austin from Chicago

Once you decide that moving from Chicago to Austin will work for you, it’s time to plan your move. AptAmigo will help you find the perfect place to live in your favorite neighborhood. Our team will take the stress out of apartment hunting. You simply tell us what you’re looking for and we do all the hard work for you. We’ll even tape tours of available apartments if you can’t make it in person. Then, you can decide which place is right for your needs.

We take into account your work location and what you like to do to ensure you get a place that suits your personality. It only takes a few minutes of your time to get started and will save you hours of research, while eliminating the danger of ending up in a less than ideal unit.

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