AptAmigo’s Apartment Locators help thousands of renters find new apartments every year. So, it’s not surprising that they’ve encountered the occasional strange pet, or, yes, family of pets (because sometimes just one weird pet isn’t enough). We asked our Locators what interesting pets they’ve found homes for in the past. How strange are they? Well, you can see for yourself.

Apartment life doesn’t always accommodate pets, but we know the lengths you’ll go to in order to secure the right home for your non-human family members. We get it, and our Apartment Locators know where and how to find the best pet-friendly apartments. Reach out to AptAmigo to learn more about our free service.

Not-So-Low Maintenance Apartment Pets

“What’s the weirdest apartment pet a client has ever asked about or had?”

Here’s how some of our expert Apartment Locators responded:

Nick Langford: Tortoise, one client needed a patio for her tortoise. Also, Garrett McCarter called 7 buildings for a client one day, asking if they accepted rabbits.

Rose Perez: Ferrets

Kristin Anochili: A bearded dragon and two rats 

Bobby Brandt: Jeremy Morvai had a client with a pet Macaw that he took with him on the tours.

Garrett McCarter: Short-tailed opossum

Hannah Dorn: 7 cats and 5 massive fish tanks

Karrie Fuller: Bob, the snail. Actually, he’s a temporary house guest of ours and will return to his home in a 3rd grade classroom at the end of summer, but he’s basically a member of our family at this point.

Piper Steers: I have shrimp. They’re cool and easy to care for.

Patrick Shaw: A toddler 🤣

The Winner:

Alex Anderson: I helped an “exotic fish salesman” who had rotating fish, a job that allowed him to afford a $5,000 penthouse.

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Do You Need an Apartment for Your Weird Pet?

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