How to Start Your Career as an Apartment Locator

You’re excited to start a real estate career and think that becoming an Apartment Locator would be a great opportunity. 

But, you want to find out what the job entails first to ensure your success. Ready to take the first step? Have no fear; the following information will answer your questions about how to thrive as the newest Apartment Locator at AptAmigo.

What is an Apartment Locator?

As an Apartment Locator, you would act like a concierge for the apartment seeker. Instead of the prospective tenant spending hours frantically looking through dozens of listings, you would provide personalized service to streamline their search. 

According to Apartment Locator, Ellen Spiker, one of the best ways to achieve success is taking a deeper dive:

“Connect with clients, and not just on the surface level. Truly identify their needs and wants, while also acting as their trusted guide during the apartment search. Earning someone’s trust so quickly is a big responsibility!”

Also, in this role, independent workers who can act quickly to get the best results for clients tend to perform the best.

“What I enjoy most about apartment locating is that it’s like solving a puzzle. Your client gives you all of their criteria and then you comb through all of your knowledge to find them the perfect fit,” says Hannah Dorn, an AptAmigo Leasing Manager based in Chicago.

Starting Salary for an Apartment Locator

According to Dorn, the only limitation regarding an Apartment Locator’s salary is the amount of effort a person puts into their job, which makes a six-figure income attainable! As an Apartment Locator, you control your schedule and decide how and when you want to work. The number of clients you succeed in finding apartments for will determine your monthly salary. 

One Apartment Locator, for instance, earned $7,500 per month by working 40-50 hours per week. Since AptAmigo doesn’t charge a fee to the client, you aren’t paid by them. Instead building owners pay your commission (typically, the first month’s rent) for presenting them with a qualified tenant. This arrangement makes the owner’s job easier by keeping their vacancy rates low.

Also, starting out as an Apartment Locator doesn’t mean that you’ll wait months to start earning commissions. Many Apartment Locators will close deals within their first week due to the support AptAmigo provides by supplying leads (no cold calling necessary), marketing resources, and IT help.

What Skills Does an Apartment Locator Need to Succeed?

If you are the type of person who likes to problem solve in a fast-paced environment where you have to adapt quickly, being an Apartment Locator will be a great fit for you. 

Some of the tasks you’ll perform include creating client profiles, following up on leads, and occasionally touring apartments. In this setting, excellent organization skills and self-motivation go a long way in propelling Apartment Locators towards success.

“People want to relate to the agent who will make such a big impact on their lives. It’s important to show them that they aren’t just a deal, but a person you made a fiduciary commitment to. All they want to know is that you have their best interest at heart,” says Apartment Locator, Jason Baran.

Curious to know more about what it’s really like to be an Apartment Locator? Then you’ll want to read the inside scoop about the most important skills this job requires in order to be successful.

Most of all, Apartment Locators enjoy building solid relationships with both clients and building managers.They thrive when delving into details and overseeing the entire search process until their client happily signs a new lease.

“And there’s nothing that beats walking into a unit with your client and seeing their eyes light up because they’re standing in their next home,” says Dorn.

How to Apply

If you’re enthusiastic about helping clients find their dream apartment, while also taking control of your financial future, consider sending a customized resume to one of the open positions at AptAmigo. Also, check out our career blog to find out more information about the various real estate roles available now and apply today!

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