Residents and visitors alike enjoy the mile-high city for many reasons: beautiful scenery, outdoor recreation, cultural attractions. However, perhaps top of this list is — coffee. That’s right, Denver is a mecca for coffee lovers everywhere. Not only does Denver boast dozens of coffee roasters, but Denver coffee shops vary widely, from traditional Russian coffee houses to combo retail and restaurant spaces.

Dog-friendly. Vegetarian-friendly. Local-friendly. Check out our list of the top coffee shops in Denver to find exactly what you’re looking for in your next cup of java.

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Top 6 Denver Coffee Shops

SloHi Coffee + Bike

Neighborhood: Sloan Lake

Address: 4436 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80212

What Makes this Place Special:

This cute little neighborhood coffee shop is part café and part bike shop. Get a tune-up on your two-wheeled ride while tuning your brain with some caffeine. Both coffee culture and bike shop culture meld themselves into a unique vibe in this mixed space. SloHi Coffee + Bike uses only local coffee roasters, such as Huckleberry Roasters, Copper Door Coffee, and Novo Coffee for their delicious brews.

What to Order:

You can’t go wrong with a coffee from any of their local roasters. But, they also offer a varied selection of other food and drink products (mostly local or from around Colorado), including 3rd Bird Kombucha, BigB’s juices and cider, Berkeley Donuts, and Organic Bliss baked goods. Drop by for a true taste of Denver!

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

Neighborhood: LoHi (Highland)

Address: 2990 Speer Blvd Suite #1, Denver, CO 80211

What Makes this Place Special:

Hawaii, meet Colorado. Colorado, meet Hawaiian coffee. Everything at Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii centers around the wonderful flavors and traditions of America’s 50th state. Their 100% Kona coffee goes into iced, hot, and espresso drinks, as well as their ice cubes. That’s right; coffee ice cubes. Their goal since their founding in 1989 is to bring the flavors of Hawaii to the world, Denver included.

What to Order:

This place’s menu has a latte to offer — literally. Their menu features Hawaiian-themed lattes, like the Kreme de Kona (white and dark chocolate with vanilla), or the Snickerlicious (dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut).

Awake Denver

Neighborhood: Jefferson Park

Address: 2240 Clay St Unit 100, Denver, CO 80211

What Makes this Place Special:

Awake Denver sounds like a coffeehouse (and it is), but the word contains a double meaning for this dual café and alcohol-free bar. Their website proudly declares that “together, we wake up.” We wake from the idea that we need alcohol to socialize. We wake from societal pressures for how to have fun. We wake to the idea that every human, in whatever form they choose to present themselves, is a valid and welcome person.

What to Order:

The coffeehouse menu isn’t an afterthought here. They serve everything from the regular staples like espresso, cortado, cappuccino, and Americano, to exciting tastes like Vietnamese coffee, coconut passionfruit matcha, and hibiscus bergamot lemonade. Don’t forget to add one of their house-made flavor shots (pistachio orange blossom, third eye honey, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, lavender, and hazelnut) to any drink.

Stella’s Coffee

Neighborhood: Platt Park

Address: 1476 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

What Makes this Place Special:

If you need to find dog-friendly coffee shops, Denver certainly has you covered. We love our fur babies and nowhere shows them more love than Stella’s Coffee. Hang out with your pooch on their shady patio and grab a treat for them … and for yourself! Inside, local art (also for sale) covers the walls, and they even feature live music sometimes.

What to Order:

Stella’s proudly uses Pablo’s Coffee (which has three independent locations in Denver) to make all the amazing coffee and espresso drinks on their menu. For a hot summer day, try a specialty, such as the iced dirty chai or an Italian soda with syrups made from scratch.

Tuscany Coffee & Deli

Neighborhood: Central Business District

Address: 1600 Stout St, Denver, CO 80202

What Makes this Place Special:

In 1994, Italy met New York and became this special Denver café. Specifically, founder Phil Turner wanted to combine his love of New York delis with his penchant for Italian-roasted coffee. They may roast the coffee at Tuscany Coffee & Deli at locations around Denver, but the baristas use manually operated machines to craft the beans and grounds into delicious drinks just like the Italians. The food menu is also sourced from Denver-based businesses, with deli staples like bagels with fixings. Plus, breakfast is served all day.

What to Order:

The extensive menu here offers everything from classic drip coffee and every espresso drink you can imagine, to hot chocolates, spiced ciders, and frozen Freddezzas. For food, try a Sicilian on Everything Bagel (egg, salami, and provolone), or opt for the Veggie Caprese on a Rustic Roll (tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, romaine) from their sizable list of vegetarian options.

Dandy Lion Coffee Co.

Neighborhood: North of Hale

Address: 5225 E 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80207

What Makes this Place Special:

Coffee is everywhere (even the local grocery store has a Starbucks now). And so, it makes sense that you might want to do some shopping and have a coffee at the same time. Enter—the Dandy Lion Coffee Co. Part Vietnamese coffeehouse and part plant shop, this relaxing atmosphere is the perfect place to kick back for a sip while enjoying “nature.”

What to Order:

Try Ollie’s Drink (iced chai with toffee and macadamia nut milk), or stick with something simple, like the iced jasmine tea or a classic Vietnamese iced coffee (chicory cold brew with condensed milk). Don’t forget to pick up a new friend, perhaps a fern or a cactus, from the plant shop on your way out.

Denver Residents Enjoy the Best Coffee

Whether a quick shot of caffeine on the way to work, or a subtle afternoon pick-me-up on the way home, living next to your favorite coffee shop can be a dream of delicious convenience. Lucky for you, AptAmigo’s apartment locating team can find the best buildings near your favorite roaster or café. Not only is our service free, but we’ll pay your Uber or Lyft for the tours and even buy you a coffee along the way. Reach out and discover why AptAmigo has so many 5-star reviews on Google.

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