What’s the Difference Between Apartment Locators and Relocation Specialists?

So, you know what a realtor does. And, you’re pretty sure you know how a traditional real estate brokerage works. However, several lesser known types of agents in the real estate industry, such as apartment locators and relocation specialists, can also help you find and move to the perfect place. When renting, it can sometimes feel like you’re out there all on your own. In reality, you can enlist the help of a free apartment locator or, for a really big move, a relocation specialist to secure a great new home.

But, what’s the difference between relocation specialists and apartment locators? Let’s take a closer look at the two to answer that question.

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Apartment Locators

An Apartment locator does exactly what it says on the tin. Every apartment locator will know their local area really well, so when you move to a new city, you can really benefit from their expertise. If you need to make a move within your current city, they will know the best buildings in your target neighborhood and will rely on their connections to get you the best deal. Once you reach out to a locator, they’ll take the time to get to know your needs, deal breakers, must-haves, and a bit about your personality. Then, they’ll suggest apartments that suit your profile and fall within your budget. 

Apartment locators set up tours and accompany you on those tours. Once you find ‘the one’ (apartment-wise, of course), you submit an application and list your locator on your application. It’s as simple as that. 

Apartment locators provide a free service, earning a commission when their clients sign a lease. And, our experts at AptAmigo love nothing more than finding our clients the perfect new home. 

Relocation Specialists

​​Relocation specialists tend to work on more complex moves than apartment locators. They help sell family homes and buy new ones, but can also assist with renting in clients’ target destinations. Companies or the military will often use certified relocation professionals when relocating groups of employees or servicepeople, but individuals can enlist their help as well. In addition to selling homes and locating new places to live for clients, relocation specialists can support clients with:

•      Finding schools for children

•      Moving pets internationally or across states

•      Visas and immigration

•      Finding a moving company

•      Packing

•      Tax assistance

•      Shipping cars

And much more. Relocation specialists, certified by the CRP (Certified Relocation Professional) or GMS (Global Mobility Specialist), provide white-glove service. They earn their real estate license like any other agent would, but they also gain additional education and training to enter this specialized branch of the real estate industry. Certified relocation professionals will often earn their commission from the sale of your home, but sometimes they rely on referrals to partner companies, such as movers, or charge fees to larger companies seeking their help with employee relocation. Many additional services (particularly tax assistance) may come at a direct cost to the client when commissions are not an option. 

How Do I Know Which One to Hire?

To decide whether you need an apartment locator or a relocation specialist, you’ll need to assess the complexity of your move.

Will you bring two kids, three dogs, and a four-bed home’s worth of furniture across the country? Do you plan to sell a house and buy another? If so, you might want to use a relocation specialist.

Are you, your partner, and your cat relocating to a new city for an exciting work opportunity and looking to rent an apartment close to work and fun? You definitely need an apartment locator. It isn’t a matter of one option being “better” than the other. It’s more about the size of the move. 

Although they handle “smaller” moves, apartment locators will get to know you and your lifestyle, listen to your needs, build a list of apartments you can accept or reject, get you an Uber to viewings, sit down and talk to you about apartments over a coffee, and more. You’ll build a relationship while finding a perfect new home. 

How to Find One

Now you know what sort of help you’re after, let’s look at where to find an apartment locator or relocation specialist to make your move as smooth as possible.

Apartment Locators

At AptAmigo, apartment locating is what we do. Reach out, and we’ll connect you with a local expert keen to get to know you and find your dream rental. But first, learn a little more about how AptAmigo works and why you should trust us with your big move. 

Relocation Specialists

Relocation specialists can be found through their governing bodies, the CRP or GMS. Many relocation specialists work not only with individuals, but also with groups, such as companies relocating several families. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a relocation specialist, take a look at our library of tips and tricks for moving. Maybe you can act as your own specialist and work in conjunction with a locator, which is usually a quicker and more straightforward process.

Get Help from Your Very Own Apartment Locator

If you want to work with your own apartment locator, reach out to AptAmigo. We’ll match you with an expert in the city you’re searching in and make moving easy. Yes, it sounds impossible, but we promise it can be done!

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