As the world returns to some sense of normalcy, you managed to land your dream job (or something good enough to pull you out of your quarantine cave!). The prospect of moving across the country on a deadline is daunting to say the least. 

That’s where we come in! 

After you make your AptAmigo account, you should be expecting a phone call or email from one of our expert apartment locators. They’ll provide you with hard earned insider information, as well as tips and tricks to solve the issues that make finding a new place such a hassle. 


How to Relocate Successfully

As you begin your apartment hunt, give your Sales Representative all of the directives you possibly can! Want to live within a 15-minute walk from your new office as well as 5 minutes from a legendary pizza spot? Our reps actively track the best slice in town. Need a balcony large enough for those lovely summer outdoor dinners, and a spot for your furry friend to enjoy the view? Your sales rep possesses  the insider knowledge to pinpoint exactly what apartment fits your wants, needs, and budget. 

After your rep sorts through our database to find buildings that check all of your boxes, it’s decision time. Will you tour from your couch, or hop on a flight? 

Our virtual tours can take place a few different ways. We are happy to provide pre-recorded tours of the units you like, or, if you have time in your schedule, our brokers will join you on Facetime, Google Meet, or Zoom to show each unit and answer questions in live time. 

If you plan to relocate locally or prefer to feel out the buildings in person, no sweat! Our brokers will cover Ubers, coffee, snacks, and all of the scheduling with white glove service. 

Sign Your Lease

After your first day of tours, keep in mind that pricing, availability, and concessions can change at any time. In order to keep the best pricing, it is usually best to apply within 48 hours. This quick response will ensure that you get the best deal as well as take advantage of any “look-and-lease” specials available. Sometimes these deals include discounted pricing for something like parking, or even waiving the application and administration fee. 

Once you submit your application for your new apartment, follow up with the leasing office every so often to make sure they have everything they need. Don’t forget to list your locator!

After you sign the lease, pay the deposit, and sort out a move-in date, the hard work begins.

Packing Time

Take this opportunity to sort through all of your clothing and only bring the items that you like to wear the most. Don’t be afraid to donate, sell, and downsize, especially if you are moving from a house to an apartment. 

When it comes to thinking about how you will transport all of your belongings to your new city, check out our friends over at Bellhop, a new moving service that focuses on making the most of your time and money. They provide a hassle-free moving experience, starting with a free quote and ending with your new, unpacked apartment, all performed without any heavy lifting on your shoulders. Bellhop is one of the most affordable moving services, supported by glowing reviews from happy customers. Check out their different service tiers, from local moves, to long distance, to labor only.

Making The Big Move

Now that you booked your moving service, it’s time to think about how to get to your new destination. Will you drive across the country, or fly? 

Driving across the country is a great way to see new places! For example, when moving to Denver from the east coast, many people enjoy watching hundreds of miles of corn pass by during the long pilgrimage, trekking across the I-70 corridor for 700 miles at a time alongside 18 wheelers and Subarus. Driving also comes with drawbacks, such as the time it takes to get across the country. It’s tough to make it from Boston to Denver in less than 3 days because humans require sleep and speed limits still exist. 

In the scenario that you don’t own a car, choose not to bring one, or just don’t want to spend that much time trapped in a moving metal box, flying is always a good option. Using a service such as Bellhop, or even shipping some of your belongings to your destination ahead of time keeps travel costs low. 

Hopefully, once you arrive and get settled, you can take a few days to find some new local haunts. Your AptAmigo locator serves as a great resource for discovering all of the best spots in your new neighborhood. Find the best way to get to your new office, track down the perfect desk chair for your work-from-home set up, and read through our blog articles aimed at helping you get to know your new city. 

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AptAmigo is here to take the stress out of your relocation. Lean on your resources to make it as smooth as possible. Congratulations on the new apartment! Now, call your broker and make them buy you a beer.

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Chase McGuire is a Denver Operations Coordinator, who recently relocated from the East Coast to Denver!