You finally heave a sigh of relief after you drag the last box into your brand new apartment, which, by the way, you found with the help of AptAmigo, a new VIP service that retirees and millennials alike are using. As the end of your moving day nears, a seeming impossibility a few days ago as you packed box after box, the reality that you’re not out of the woods yet sinks in — unpacking is the absolute worst. Luckily, we can teach you how to unpack all of your essentials in one day.

So, where do you start? Your collection of DVDs from college, or your mountain of shoes? As moving experts, we find that certain rooms and essentials need to take priority. Here are some basic tips to make unpacking easy after your exhausting moving day. Because we know how easy it is to get distracted…

If you are still in the process of moving, check out our Ultimate Moving Checklist to make sure you stay on track for the big move.

How to Unpack in One Day:

Before you open a box, clean up!

Before you roll up your sleeves to dig into the labyrinth of boxes, make sure your new home has been thoroughly cleaned. In fact, hire professional cleaners to give your new home a once over. The landlord may have cleaned up the apartment after the previous tenant left (if you’re lucky), but ensuring that all the dust and grime disappears never hurts.

Put together your kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of the house because, well, FOOD! The unpacking process will leave you tired and hungry, and even though GrubHub eagerly awaits your order on night number one, you’ll most likely want to cook for yourself the next evening. Begin by unpacking the essentials in the kitchen, such as food, plates, that one skillet you use for your famous grilled cheese sandwiches, or your well-loved rice cooker. Leave the tools you use less often for later, that salad spinner that you don’t even know why you bought can stay packed until your next healthy eating kick. You’ll also want to unload any dish soap or drying racks for your dishes.

Organize the bathroom

The easiest room to take care of while unpacking is the bathroom. Put the shower curtain in place, unpack the toiletries, and hang the towels. If you have a guest bathroom, set that up as well. Then, call over your friends to help you unpack the rest.

For anyone with a slight make-up and toiletries hoarding problem, unpack ONLY what you need for the next day. It’s too easy to fall down the rabbit hole of organizing your lip gloss by shade (trust us; we’ve been there).

Unpack the bedroom

After a long day of moving and unpacking, you’re going to want to pass out on your comfy bed as soon as possible. Unpacking the bedroom last keeps you motivated to get through the earlier rooms, but leaves you with the perfect opportunity to jump in bed immediately after finishing it. Unpack the linens and pillows, then make your bed. Pick out a few outfits for the rest of the week, and organize the rest of your clothes later as you get settled.

Lucky enough to have a guest bedroom as well? Leave that until later. Your freshly made bed is calling your name!

Expert-level unpacking tip (for intrepid hearts only)

Unpacking serves as a great time to declutter and get rid of things you don’t use. If an item stays packed and unused for an extended period of time, chances are you don’t need it. When you realize that you haven’t used that extra eyeshadow palette all month, or maybe you went a few weeks without breaking out that TRX system, consider whether you should part with it.

Still have some items you haven’t used but can’t seem to let go of? Move them into any extra storage space your building offers to free up more usable space in your home.

Let AptAmigo Guide You to Your Next Unpacking Adventure

AptAmigo is here to match you with your dream apartment. Our luxury service helps people find the perfect apartment with zero stress. We’ve placed thousands of people in their dream apartments and would love to help you find yours. Just reach out to us and let us know your lifestyle and preferences, and we will take care of the rest. All you need to do is show up on the day of tours and find your dream apartment.

Want to get in touch with your own personal, luxury apartment expert? Click below to get started!

Want to get in touch with your own personal, luxury apartment expert? Click below to get started!

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