Why should you use AptAmigo? And, what is a free apartment locator, anyways? Find out from AptAmigo’s own Atlanta agent, Anthony McCain!

What Makes AptAmigo’s Apartment Locators the Best

If only a service like AptAmigo existed during my first apartment search! Having an AptAmigo apartment locator (we refer to ourselves as sales reps) working on your behalf is like having an experienced realtor at your disposal. Except, it’s far better because, unlike real estate agents who help people buy homes, our service is completely FREE to you.

With industry-leading technology and the best sales reps in the business, AptAmigo provides a stellar and unrivaled experience in the rental market.

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How Do Free Apartment Locator Services Work?

From the very first call, our free apartment locators are truly excited to help you find your perfect apartment. We take the time to understand each client’s needs. And, we want you to feel as though you are talking to a friend or a close family member. AptAmigo focuses on building a rapport with our clients so that we can put together a list of the best buildings in your desired location. 

Because AptAmigo works with the best luxury buildings in major cities across the US, our apartment locators can quickly put together an amazing list of recommendations. Generally, the list will contain around 15 stunning buildings. You choose 5-8 of your favorites.   

When working with our free apartment locators, you not only get a knowledgeable, enthusiastic expert who knows how to navigate the rental market, but also the full support of our designated operations teams. During the next stage of the process, the operations team helps AptAmigo’s locators schedule and coordinate tours with the buildings. 

This system means that, as an AptAmigo client, you can sit back, relax, and let us do all the work! No calling multiple buildings on your own. No waiting on hold for hours just to be told, “we’ll call you back later.” Your friendly sales rep will contact you as soon as the tours are booked according to your availability. 

AptAmigo works in many major cities, so we recommend letting us pay for Lyfts or Ubers, but you are welcome to drive yourself. Since each building already has your pertinent information, you can, in most cases, begin the tour when you arrive.

What motivates this outstanding service? AptAmigo believes in making your next move as stress free as possible and maybe even a little fun. We accomplish this goal by always putting the needs of our clients first. 

Wait, Is It Really Free?

Yes, it’s completely, no-strings-attached free! You may ask yourself, “how is this possible?” AptAmigo partners with hundreds of the best apartment buildings in several major cities throughout the country. The buildings we partner with pay us a commission for bringing a qualified tenant, such as yourself, to the buildings and signing a lease! 

Before you go, learn more about what Apartment Locators do.

Looking to Move?

First, learn about When Is the Best Time to Start Looking for an Apartment? Then, find out below if AptAmigo offers services in the city where you want to live. If so, reach out to us so that we can start your stress-free, cost-free apartment search today!

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