How to Relocate to Another City:

We’ve all been through the pain and panic of apartment searching, but our client Collin had a particularly wild ride. Collin found out on a Tuesday that he would be figuring out how to relocate to another city the following week. With no time to prepare, no budget for visiting, and no idea where to start, a friend suggested AptAmigo

During the first phone call with AptAmigo, Zack walked through Collin’s requirements, preferences, and past concerns, taking detailed notes. Then, he sent over a list of apartments that perfectly fit the bill and Collin narrowed it down to a shortlist. 

Collin got to work packing and preparing for his move. 

Behind the scenes, the operations team was scheduling a full day of tours with each building. Because they had insider relationships, they were able to secure the last-minute viewings.  

We call these “Virtual Tours”.  Because sometimes it’s just not possible for you to visit before your move. In these cases, we’ll send a team member to each building on your behalf to take videos, pictures, and walk you through a virtual tour of each potential apartment! 

In less than a week (and from a completely different city) Collin had his dream apartment locked down. 

Here’s everything Collin had to say about this “Mission (Im)Possible:”

“I had a little less than a week to sort out a place to live before starting a new job in a whole new state/city. 

I made contact on a Friday with Zack and within 30-45 minutes he had 8 tours setup site unseen for me. 

The team viewed all the places for me by end of day Sunday, 8 different places in different neighborhoods through Chicago. 

They were able to send me videos and details of each place highlighting the pros and cons of each unit (which was 99% pros as all the places they suggested were very nice and were well within my budget). 

By Monday I selected a place and Zack pushed to get me sorted ASAP, as he knew I needed a place locked down by Thursday (my move day). 

Being in an entirely different state made things seem impossible for me but Zack got me squared away, and by Tuesday I had a place locked in.

The team was unbelievably helpful and just all around friendly. I would highly suggest them to anyone needing help moving into Chicago from out of state. 

I know my next move within the city will be with the help of AptAmigo. A+ in my book.”

Collin M.
AptAmigo Client, 2019

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Now that you know how to relocate to another city, reach out to AptAmigo for help along the way. If you’re sick of searching, give AptAmigo a call and we’ll help you find your dream home!

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