Where to Live in Georgia

Thinking of moving from Athens to Atlanta? Both of these cities are great places to live. However, people move from one to the other for some compelling reasons. Atlanta, for instance, attracts many college students who graduate from the University of Georgia in Athens, or other folks who prefer the faster pace and culture of a big city. 

While Athens is a great place to live – quiet, pretty, and affordable, especially in comparison with Atlanta – people at the start of their adult life journeys often want to kickstart their careers in a different environment. Atlanta, although more expensive, offers more opportunities for work, life, and play for anyone who wants to experience big city life and see their careers take off.

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AptAmigo can help you get from Athens to Atlanta stress-free, assisting you along every step of the journey toward your dream apartment. But, before you really commit to moving from Athens to Atlanta, GA, here are a few key factors to consider as you decide where to live in Georgia.   

Factors to Consider when Moving from Athens to Atlanta, GA


In part, what makes Atlanta such an amazing place to live is that it gives off the vibe of a smaller, friendlier place despite being a huge city. Many people worry that because of its size, Atlanta will feel like a rushed, unfriendly metro comparable to NYC on a bad day, but the reality is that everyone who moves here comments on how pleasantly surprised they are by the friendly neighbors and people greeting each other in the streets. Expect to get to know your local barista & bartender, too – this town is really big on Southern hospitality.

As far as lifestyle options go, it’s important to understand the difference between OTP (outside the perimeter) and ITP (inside the perimeter) Atlanta. Unlike Athens, a smaller town with a consistent vibe throughout, Atlanta distinguishes between what they call OTP and ITP. Inside the perimeter places you in central Atlanta, with its dense urban feel comparable to coastal cities like New York and LA. 

Outside the perimeter is more suburban and quieter. If you prefer to relocate somewhere that will feel similar in pace to Athens, you should definitely look for housing OTP. Homes OTP are also cheaper and easier to find.

Housing Options

The great news about Atlanta housing is that, although more expensive on average than Athens housing, it’s still pretty affordable.

The average rent for an apartment in Atlanta is $1,861, only slightly more than the average rent of $1,498 in Athens

In addition to apartments, Atlanta offers many choices. Bungalows are probably the most commonly found homes in suburban Atlanta, while condos are common in ITP areas. However, Atlanta is probably best known for its colonial-style homes, which are much coveted for their European-style feel. 


Don’t want to drive? No problem. Atlanta ranks high, sometimes in the top 10, among the most walkable cities in the US. The city’s BeltLine project connects up old rail tracks that connect different neighborhoods, transforming them into walkable and cycleable trails. 

There are also public transportation options if you need to commute into a workplace a bit further from your home. They provide MARTA, a transit rail system that connects different neighborhoods, and the streetcar line that will take you around the entertainment district. Taxicabs and rideshares are also widely available.

Job Market

Great news for recent college graduates or someone looking for a fresh career start: Atlanta is home to some of the country’s biggest employers, from Coca-Cola to The Home Depot and UPS. 

If you plan to graduate with a medical degree, you’re also in luck: Atlanta has a huge network of hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. 

Atlanta also has three universities that provide jobs in the higher ed sector. 

The unemployment rate in Atlanta is, thankfully, well below the national average of 7.2 percent at 3.2 percent

Recreational Opportunities

Atlanta’s varied recreational and entertainment scene means that, no matter your preference, you won’t have trouble fitting in culturally or finding things to do. 

One thing Atlanta is really big on, though, is outdoor recreation. From parks to walking trails and outdoor festivals, it’s all about spending time outside in green spaces. You should definitely check out Midtown’s Piedmont Park, which spans a whopping 189 acres.

If you love music, Atlanta has a very active music scene, especially in the hip hop and R&B genres. 


This will come as no surprise to you if you currently live in Athens – Atlanta has a humid climate with hot, muggy summers and slightly cooler winters. So, you’ll want to make sure that you like all that humidity because you won’t be getting away from it!

Moving from Athens to Atlanta, GA?

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