“Nick and Marlee transformed a difficult apartment search for two people by starting a genuine friendship. It doesn’t get any more ‘feel good’ than that.”

Apartment hunting is hard. Finding the right place in the right neighborhood for the right price can feel impossible sometimes. At AptAmigo, we know those challenges firsthand, and we’re ready to help. Our agents provide personalized, 1-on-1 support throughout the apartment hunting process. How? 

You can read all about our service and how we keep it cost free for clients, but first, let us show you how AptAmigo’s apartment locators always go above and beyond for our clients.

A Roommate Match Made in Heaven Atlanta

Like many big cities in America, Atlanta is its own beast, and not just in size. The city’s geography and culture create a unique environment that can feel daunting to navigate for the first time, especially when moving there alone from out of state. 

Atlanta, though, is also a great city, and it makes sense that so many new residents flock here to take advantage of all it has to offer. People move here for the career and networking opportunities as well as the countless communities built around common interests. This city attracts foodies, gamers, high-end shoppers, travelers, and music lovers, to name just a few.

That’s why, in January, when local apartment locator, Nick Langford (pictured below), took on a client named Jane (okay, so that’s not her real name, but we promise not to change anything else), moving to Atlanta from Texas and struggling to find a place to live, Nick sprung into action. Jane began her search by touring studios and 1-bedroom apartments, but the perfect fit in her desired neighborhood and budget eluded her. 

Nick knew that Jane’s options would open up significantly if she could live with a roommate, but Jane, coming from out of state, didn’t know anybody in the area. When Nick mentioned this issue to his colleague, Marlee Rochester (pictured above), serendipity chanced upon them. It turned out that Marlee’s Atlanta-based client, and friend from back in high school, wanted to rent a house in the area, but Marlee knew that her friend, Sally (okay, so we did change one more name, but that really is the last time), would make a great roommate for Jane, considering how closely their goals and lifestyles aligned. 

Nick and Marlee promptly connected Jane and Sally to see if they would make a good roommate match. Jane and Sally discovered so many common interests that they decided to attend a concert together when Jane visited Atlanta. They hit it off and signed a lease on a 2-bedroom apartment before the weekend was over.

Of course, serendipity wasn’t the only factor at play. Thanks to their teamwork and quality communication, Nick and Marlee transformed a difficult apartment search for two people by starting a genuine friendship. It doesn’t get any more “feel good” than that.

You see, our apartment locators work together as a team to make magic happen for apartment seekers every day. They listen to your wants and needs, get to know your interests and lifestyle, and use their local expertise and network to land you in the best apartment situation possible. And, the relationship doesn’t end there. As Marlee excitedly reports, “I was so happy to help out an old friend, and all four of us plan to get together to celebrate!”

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When you use AptAmigo’s service, you not only get a dedicated local agent, but also an entire team working behind the scenes to support your move. Our locators go above and beyond because they truly care, and they can’t wait to give you the same quality service they gave Jane and Sally. Start your free apartment search with AptAmigo today!

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