Are Apartment Locators Worth It?

Learn from real life Apartment Locator, Matthew Strickland, about what AptAmigo’s locators do, and how the process works.

What Is an Apartment Locator?

An Apartment Locator is exactly what the name says. My job is to find the best available apartment for each client day in and day out, and this constant repetition makes me an expert.

How Do Apartment Locators Work? 

Stage 1: Reach Out to Us

The start of every search begins with you, the client. When a prospective apartment hunter reaches out to us through ad postings, referrals from friends and satisfied clients, or on our website, we get in touch with you right away to find out what exactly you want in your new home. It makes our job much easier when we can make a personal connection with you, and it feels even better in the end when we deliver on the promise of a new home that you love.

Stage 2: Tell Us Your Preferences

During our first phone call with you, we collect as much information as possible about your desired apartment in order to build a custom dossier to guide the search. We’ll ask questions such as, “Why are you looking to move? And, where do you live now? What does your dream apartment look like? And, how can we ensure you get it?” In under ten minutes we strive to know exactly what you desire most and how we can help you find it, and each new person we talk to provides another opportunity for us to get better at our job. 

After reviewing your preferences, we start the search for you by scouring our database for apartments matching your criteria in your preferred neighborhoods that will also be available in your designated time frame. In as little as thirty minutes, we prepare a recommendation list and email it to you for review. By the beginning of the next day, we hop on the phone with leasing agents to schedule your tours.

Stage 4: Touring

Once we set up all the tours, the next phase is the most important: touring day! The day of your tours is the day you find your new home, and we like to get every client ready to apply when we take them out to view buildings because apartments move fast. If you leave a property thinking you can wait a week to decide, the cold truth is that the unit you love will be gone by then. That’s why we put in so much work before the tours begin. On touring day, you need only worry about which home will become yours.

Moreover, with our VIP service, we tour with you! Thanks to the hard work put in by our Touring Agents, who go on tours with clients, we can send along individuals dedicated to helping you decide. Your touring agents will take notes, arrange ride shares, and offer feedback in order to make your decision easier.

Stage 5: Applying

Once you decide on your perfect home, you can submit an application and claim the unit for yourself. The only thing you need to do for us is list AptAmigo as your locator, and we will handle the rest. 

Great! But, How Much Does this Service Cost?

The best part of our service is that it’s COMPLETELY FREE. Apartment buildings pay us for finding them quality tenants who sign leases, which means no client we ever help owes us a dime.

So, if you’re looking to move soon, reach out to us today, and let us find you the perfect place to call home.

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