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Tools for Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents have already embraced the latest technology to help clients find their perfect home. If you plan to expand your real estate career, it’s important to know the best tools available in order to stay ahead of the competition as an apartment locator.

So, what tools do real estate agents and apartment locators use the most?

AptAmigo’s Proprietary Software for Real Estate Agents

All of AptAmigo’s apartment locators use our own proprietary software to search efficiently for their clients’ next home. This Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) makes it a lot easier to customize the search, depending on the size, budget, and amenities the client wants to find. Vanessa Inaba says that she “can easily use our filters to search for apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies, in-unit washer-dryer, and more.” If a client is looking for specific features from an apartment building, such as dog runs, a pool, or golf simulator, our agents can find that as well.

AptAmigo’s CRM software also streamlines information sharing and communication with clients by integrating the CRM with our apartment search website. Scott Bratt especially likes that “our site allows our apartment locators to interact with their clients, search for apartments, and keep our notes all in one place.” Leads also come in from different sources, including the website, blog, social media, and referrals. This integration gives apartment locators consistent warm leads for their business.

Don’t work for AptAmigo? These days every real estate agent should use some kind of CRM software to move clients through the sales pipeline. Learn more about how to choose a good CRM for your business.

Client Management Tools

Apartment locators use a variety of technology that saves time and helps relieve the stress of finding an apartment for clients. These tools give clients the opportunity to enjoy the process of finding a home tailored to their exact preferences. The most efficient tools help with touring properties, completing paperwork, and sharing information.

  • Elizabeth Johnson uses Matterport, “a technology that captures rooms in a 3D space. This immersive and interactive product allows your client to ‘walk’ through the space.” Matterport also gives users the ability to see additional, tagged information throughout the tour, such as soft closing drawers and LED lighting. 
  • HelloSign and DocuSign make traditional paperwork obsolete. Instead of signing a stack of documents in person, these websites offer the convenience of signing leases online. Also, it includes a date and time stamp that shows when each person added their signature to the document, making it easier to track the process.
  • Scott Bratt uses Dropbox to “easily create folders that hold photos and videos of apartment buildings to send to clients.” Dropbox lets you make a backup of your files and use a mobile app to retrieve them from anywhere. When you want to share a particular file with a client, you can also add password protection to send it securely.
  • Additionally, Hannah Dorn recommends My Maps by Google Maps, “You can use custom Google Maps to drop pins at each of the apartment building locations you’ll be touring, then send those to your client the day before so that they know exactly where they’ll be touring!” Giving your client this information will help them see how their tour day will unfold and eliminate some of their uncertainty about the process.

 Tech Tools For Running Your Business

As an apartment locator, many tools for real estate agents can help you manage your business by keeping it as organized and effective as possible. These tools will help you keep track of your business expenses, find potential clients, and advertise.

  • Hannah Dorn uses accounting software to keep track of her finances: “I recommend using the self-employed features on Quickbooks for managing your W-2s. It tracks all your expenses, and then you can connect it with TurboTax to transfer them over when filing your taxes. It also helps you calculate your quarterly taxes.” Relying on an accounting system for tracking both expenses and taxes will also help you stay in compliance.
  • For finding leads, Melissa Dam turns to social media: “I use social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) all the time to get new clients. I post content regularly that potential clients can find, and I make a referral link with AptAmigo to put in my bio for them to easily contact me. I also use Instagram and Facebook to create ads, which I’ve achieved a lot of success from, especially since I can target a relevant audience with them.” (For  more tips on improving your leads, read all about How to Market Yourself as an Apartment Locator.)

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