Who takes our clients on their luxury apartment tours? Find out below.

Learn about AptAmigo’s part-time Touring Agent role from one of our own top notch TAs, Paige Kosinski.

What Does an AptAmigo Touring Agent Do?

Working in one of the most essential roles at AptAmigo, touring agents (TAs) act as the face of the company, taking clients on luxury apartment tours at the properties they’re considering for their upcoming move. A TA serves as a guiding presence, or helpful resource, for the client as questions and concerns arise. They offer feedback, take photos & notes, and manage the day’s schedule in order to keep apartment tours on track and create a seamless experience for their client. Because the client’s apartment hunt can feel daunting, their TA lends a helping hand and assures them that they don’t need to undergo their journey alone. For more details about the responsibilities that come with this role, check out Why Should I Become a TA?

Building Meaningful Relationships on Apartment Tours with Clients 

As a TA, you become the client’s best friend for the day and make the touring experience fun and exciting. TAs get to share their knowledge of the city, arrange rideshares, and even treat the client to coffee or lunch during the day. Supporting clients with a friendly demeanor helps them to relax and reduces the stress of apartment hunting, which can otherwise become overwhelming without the insider knowledge that TAs bring to the table. Transforming the experience into an easier and more enjoyable one makes all the difference for people navigating this tricky process. 

In fact, when asked about the most important skills needed for this role, one TA’s response focused solely on relationship building: “People skills, empathy, and genuineness. If you’re a genuine and down to earth person who loves interacting with people, then this job is definitely it.”

Plus, you never know who you might meet along the way. Because TAs tend to love meeting new people, many of them say that this job led to new long-term friendships with the occasional super cool client. A few of them even toured with a celebrity at some point in their TA career.

Explore Amazing Apartments around the City

Many TAs report that their favorite part of the position is getting to know the high-end rental market and exploring their city. AptAmigo partners with incredible apartment buildings, each featuring unique interior designs and amenities. Throughout the touring process, TAs gain loads of knowledge about the options out there, and this information enables them to better assist their future clients. They also become more familiar with the layout of their city, making them experts on how to get around, knowledge that can benefit newcomers to the city, which many of our clients are. 

Essentially, TAs operate like the House Hunters of the apartment world, exploring all of the luxury apartment buildings in their city. Sure, it’s a job, but it’s also a fun time!

Jessica Pennachio, AptAmigo’s Chicago TA Advisor, sums it up best, “It’s great to be able to see all the beautiful buildings we work with in Chicago, but to be able to walk into those buildings and see the client fall in love is the best!”

Create a Unique Apartment Tour Experience for Clients

TAs cultivate an experience that elevates and improves upon the traditional apartment search route. They learn about the client’s preferences in depth, noting their preferred locations, apartment features, desired amenities, and overall dream home experience. A good TA also knows how to prompt conversations that will facilitate the decision-making process.

What Happens on Apartment Tour Day?

Overall, Touring Agents contribute a higher level of organization (tracking time, arranging timeshares) and adaptability (responding to day-of issues, managing scheduling conflicts) to the entire touring day. The client should feel supported and understood as their search unfolds, and the TA’s job is to ensure that their final apartment choice meets the client’s needs by asking questions, taking notes, snapping photos, and reviewing all of the options together. Turning the experience into an adventure through the city by sharing tidbits and fun facts along the way will spark excitement and inspire new questions. The client deserves access to as much information as possible in order for them to understand how each building could potentially fit their lifestyle and goals. Ultimately, opening the client’s eyes to the possibilities each apartment building presents will give them greater confidence in their decision.

You can learn more about what happens on luxury apartment tours from our article, What Is a Touring Agent?

Start a Fabulous Real Estate Career with AptAmigo

In addition to flexible scheduling, commission opportunities, and the chance to explore your city, the TA position can serve as a gateway into a future real estate career. It can allow you to get your foot in the door by providing valuable experience for your resume and increasing your knowledge of the local rental and housing market, not to mention the many networking opportunities gained from your constant interactions with real estate professionals. 

Moreover, AptAmigo loves to foster employee growth, and many TAs move into full-time roles as apartment locators, or join the Operations team. The company wants TAs to pursue their passions and advance their career, no matter where in the industry their interests lie. As a result, this position provides a pressure-free way to explore the industry and acquire insights from others along the way.

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Paige Kosinski

Paige Kosinski is a Touring Agent at AptAmigo, where she helps apartment hunters find their dream homes.