You feel eager to achieve the next level of your real estate career, but realize that to get there you could use some extra help from a mentor, someone who can direct you towards successful outcomes by sharing their knowledge and expertise. But, how can you find experts willing and ready to help you grow into your career? We did the research so that you’ll not only know how to find the best real estate mentors, but also how to choose one who makes the right fit for you.


What Is a Real Estate Mentor?

The best kind of real estate mentor is both an experienced teacher and guide. They achieved a high level of success in helping their clients find their dream homes. Also, they know what keeps a deal moving and the potential problems that can make it stall. 

Mentors possess great problem-solving skills that enable them to effectively navigate deals while remaining calm under pressure. They know their way around contracts and deposits in addition to exhibiting excellent negotiation skills. Basically, they currently stand where you strive to be in the future.

Real estate mentorships take shape when seasoned professionals help newer agents. The relationship usually forms out of mutual respect and a partnership that benefits both people. 

Determine Mentorship Goals

Before you seek out a real estate mentor, carefully identify the goals you want to achieve by asking yourself tough questions such as:

What do you want to accomplish with your mentorship? 

Starting a mentorship with undefined goals won’t get you the results you want and will end up in frustration for both of you. Instead, set S.M.A.R.T. goals, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely, in order to use your mentor’s time wisely. The more specific your goals, the easier it will be for you to track your progress and ultimately achieve success.

How will these goals advance your career plan?

When building a career plan, you’ll want to develop strategic goals to help you progress at a comfortable pace. Even if your sales results don’t align perfectly with your mentor’s, listing objectives and creating an action plan with a rough timeline will start you in the right direction.

Tips for Finding the Best Real Estate Mentor

The best type of mentor will help you, but not do everything for you. You need to arrive ready to learn and contribute to your own success without asking your mentor to coddle you. Your mentor will want to work with an eager mentee prepared to pitch in instead of being a burden.

What specific qualities does the best mentor exhibit?

Encouraging Supporter – Your mentor is positive and supportive of your goals. While they will give you an honest assessment, they’ll never do it in an overly harsh way.

Excellent Communicator – Mentors can share information in a clear and easy to understand way. They treat you with respect and are never condescending.

Good Listener – When you ask questions, they listen and respond thoughtfully. They won’t dismiss your concerns as unimportant or frivolous.

Respectful Attitude – Your mentor doesn’t have a huge ego that needs to be constantly fed. They speak to you with respect and courtesy, not distrust or rudeness.

Sharing Knowledge – As a mentor, they fully share their knowledge, insights, and tips for saving time and frustration. They also don’t worry that sharing information with you will hurt their business due to competition.

Types of Mentorship

Focused Mentoring – This style of mentorship might address one main problem currently impacting your career. For instance, your mentor might focus on ways to follow up with sales leads to help you improve your overall sales.

Mentee Teams – When a cohort of mentees outnumbers the available mentors, teaming up with one or more mentees could solve that problem. Not only will this strategy allow the mentor to help more people at the same time, but it also fosters teamwork in an environment where mentees can help each other as well.

Virtual Mentors – If the mentor you really want to partner with isn’t available in your physical location, a virtual meeting with your mentor could be a great alternative. Meeting virtually allows you to share files of specific properties and discuss viable solutions to the problems they pose.

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