The real estate industry offers few part-time opportunities for prospective and current agents, who, for many possible reasons, need to start small, or maybe take a step back from their intensive schedule. Luckily, AptAmigo solves that problem by hiring apartment Touring Agents (TAs), a flexible job that allows you to determine your schedule.

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What Does a Touring Agent Do?

There’s no mystery as to what a TA does. They do exactly what the title suggests: take clients on tours of apartments. Of course, this role requires excellent time management, communication, and interpersonal skills, but it might just be the most fun part-time gig out there.

As a TA, you’ll get clients to their tours on time by arranging their rideshares, accompanying them at each stop, and helping them through the process by asking questions about each unit, taking notes and pictures, and walking them through the final decision so that they land in the best home for them. When they sign a lease, you earn a commission, so becoming their friend and investing in them personally will go a long way in your success.

In addition to making new friends with awesome clients, you’ll get to explore all of your city’s coolest neighborhoods and see some amazing views from the most beautiful luxury apartment buildings around.

You can learn all the details of a Touring Agent’s responsibilities and qualifications in our previous blog post, Why Should I Become a Touring Agent?

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Who Should Become a TA?

This position tends to attract 2 kinds of people: those testing out real estate before making a full commitment and those interested in a fun side gig to earn a few extra bucks. 

If you’re considering a career in real estate, Touring Agent jobs provide the perfect entreé for anyone who wants to learn about the industry and gain experience at the same time. This position gives you the opportunity to find out for sure whether your passion truly lies in real estate. Once you decide to stay the course, AptAmigo offers plenty of room for growth. You can work your way into sales with an apartment locating job, or explore other branches of the company. 

Some of our TAs enjoy the job because it’s an exciting way to make money on the side. These folks come from all sorts of backgrounds; some are artists or performers, others work full-time day jobs, and others still are recent college graduates exploring a wide variety of options for the first time.

Because this position is part time and offers flexible scheduling (you tell us what days you’re available), it suits a variety of people’s needs. It also works great for someone working in or transitioning out of a traditional 9-5 career since so many clients prefer to tour on weekends and evenings.

Why Should I Be a TA Instead of a Real Estate Agent?

Working as a part-time real estate agent on your own can be very difficult indeed. Because  of how the industry is set up, it doesn’t easily accommodate agents wishing to work part-time hours. Clients expect agents to remain available at all hours, and building the networks and marketing presence necessary for success requires a serious time commitment. A few people succeed in real estate with part-time hours, but for most, the time and effort it would take to establish such a routine negates the benefits. 

At AptAmigo, we designed the Touring Agent position to overcome the challenges involved with traditional part-time positions in real estate. Since TAs assume the responsibility for one specific stage in the sales pipeline, they don’t need to worry about nurturing leads, marketing, or investing extra time into establishing their personal business.

Read more about the realities of part-time real estate before deciding for yourself.

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 Discover New Career Growth Opportunities

If you like the idea of a fun part-time job for its own sake, that works for us. Please apply! 

If you want to do some serious career exploration and gain entry into a new industry in a way that gives you valuable experience and opportunities for career advancement, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you. We discover new talent all the time among our TAs, many of whom become valued members of our sales teams and move up the ladder to leadership positions. This job is the perfect stepping stone to pursue a career in real estate, and we love watching people grow into new roles.

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