Different Types of Jobs in the Real Estate Industry

Despite a temporary decrease in home sales due to 2023’s inflation rates and impending recession, employment in the real estate sector is projected to grow by 5% over the next ten years, with rising home values in cities and suburbs creating even more demand. The positive long-term growth means that the profession will weather the upcoming ups and downs and hold steady over time. In other words, you can still build a strong and profitable career in real estate, the economic downturn notwithstanding.

Moreover, this industry is big. It includes more than just buying and selling homes. In fact, the multifamily branch of the industry, for example, will continue to see major growth for the foreseeable future, and the demand for places to live will only increase as the population grows.

So, while traditional real estate agent jobs might come to mind first when you hear “real estate,” tons of other real estate-related positions that you might not have heard of before may become an option for you as you learn more about all of the different types of jobs in real estate.

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10 Jobs in the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Agent or Realtor

Average National Salary: $61,480

Requirements: The requirements to become a real estate agent vary by state. A high school diploma or GED is a minimum, although a two- or four-year degree in real estate or business is a plus. You’ll also need to take a pre-licensing course and pass an exam.

Job Description: 

Real estate agents help people buy and sell residential and commercial properties, so excellent communication skills are essential. Basic software knowledge plus sales and marketing ability also matter. Real estate agents are sometimes called Realtors®, but the terms are not interchangeable. A Realtor® is a member of the National Association of Realtors®, following their strict code of ethics, and may be a real estate agent or broker.

To learn more about agent and broker jobs, we put together a list of books for people new to or exploring the industry.

Leasing Agent

Average National Income: $47,000

Requirements: Some states require a real estate license, and all states require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. Many employers prefer applicants with related college courses or post-secondary degrees.

Job Description: 

Leasing agents may work for a single apartment complex or several complexes and rental properties. They assist with viewings, lease applications, and more. Leasing agents act as salespeople, so sales and interpersonal skills are essential for this real estate job. Income may include commissions and bonuses.

If you want to become a leasing agent, consider becoming an Apartment Locator at AptAmigo, where you can earn well above the average national salary.

Real Estate Broker

Average National Salary: $76,000, although brokers often clear six figures in large cities or desirable locations.

Requirements: While each state varies, real estate brokers typically complete the same training as agents plus one-three years of real estate sales experience. They must then meet additional training and broker licensing requirements.

Job Description:

Some people confuse real estate brokers with agents. Their jobs overlap because all brokers must work first as agents for a period of time. Whereas agents must work under the management of a broker, brokers can run their own brokerage and manage a group of agents. 

Property Manager

Average National Salary: $55,000

Requirements: State regulations differ, but some require real estate licensing exams to become a property manager.

Job Description: 

A property manager’s responsibilities include selecting tenants, listing properties, and scheduling maintenance. Property managers typically need knowledge of building maintenance. Plus, interpersonal skills and attention to detail are keys to doing well. Property managers must keep a building in great shape and keep tenants happy. 

Real Estate Attorney

Average National Salary: $150,000

Requirements: Law school, discipline-specific training, and knowledge of property law are the minimum qualifications.

Job Description:

Real estate attorneys can take a variety of paths. They can work for tenants’ rights, guide prospective home buyers and sellers, or consult on commercial real estate deals, among many other possibilities. Although it requires advanced schooling and training that will take several years to complete, becoming a real estate attorney is a good option if you like both law and real estate.

Real Estate Investor

Average National Salary: $120,000

Requirements: No formal requirements for this one, but a degree in real estate or a background in finance is helpful.

Job Description: 

Essentially, real estate investors buy property and sell it for a profit. To be a successful real estate investor, you need to know when and where to buy and sell in addition to acquiring a strong understanding of investment strategy. Financial savvy and networking skills are essential in real estate investment.

Want to learn more about real estate investing? Peruse our list of books on the topic.

Real Estate Developer

Average National Salary: $85,000

Requirements: Real estate developers often earn four-year engineering or business management degrees.

Job Description: 

Developers plan real estate projects in preparation for new construction or renovation. They also work closely with architects, contractors, engineers, and urban planners. Sometimes, they will be tasked with raising funds for projects and finding buyers or tenants for finished developments. 

Real Estate Appraiser

Average National Salary: $70,000

Requirements: Specific state requirements vary, but a real estate appraiser’s license or certification is always required.

Job Description: 

Real estate appraisers determine a property’s value for sale or tax purposes. Skills needed include understanding how location, condition, and market forces will impact the value of various property types. 

Home Inspector

Average National Salary: $62,000

Requirements: State-specific training and licensing programs.

Job Description: 

Although sometimes confused with real estate appraisers, home inspectors perform a different job with a different purpose. They look at the condition of a home (inside and out), including structural components, roofing, plumbing, and more. They provide a detailed report, which prospective buyers use to decide whether to purchase a given property and to develop a maintenance and repair plan if they do buy it.

Marketing Specialist

Average National Salary: $55,000

Requirements: A marketing specialist typically holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing or a related field.

Job Description: 

Real estate marketing specialists work to create and improve the brand and visibility of real estate agents and brokerages. Marketing specialists may work across industries, but the best real estate marketing specialists rely on their strong knowledge of real estate and the market in their focus areas. 

If you’re interested in real estate marketing, check out our guides to the best social media and marketing tech tools for industry professionals.

Where Does AptAmigo Fit In?

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