Whether you plan to move to a new city for the first or fifteenth time, the process can feel exciting, but challenging. In addition to the actual hassle of moving, you experience the exhilaration of exploring a new place, setting up your perfect new apartment, looking out your window, and thinking, “Wow! I live here!” And, then there’s the comedown.

There’s lots to see and do, but who will you do it all with? Finding local friends and a strong community is one of the most important parts of settling in somewhere new. Luckily, AptAmigo can help with finding a community in your new city.

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What Are the Locals in Nashville Like?

Nashville is home to music legends like Jack White and the Black Keys. John Prine lived here for many years, and Dolly Parton still owns a Nashville home. But, you probably won’t hit up Dolly’s Christmas party your first year in the city.

Aside from earning the nickname, Music City, for a reason, this city beats with a Southern heart. That means friendly locals ready to chat and enthusiastic about sharing their favorite spots for hot chicken. The city’s growing population currently sits at around 700,000. It is often described as a big city with a small-town feel. Over half of Nashville’s population is between the ages of 20 and 54, with many educated young professionals in the mix.

Where & How to Meet Friends in Nashville

Online Resources

Online options for making friends in a new city have increased in the last few years. But, some of the classics still work. Here are a few of our favorite options for finding new friends online.

  • Facebook: Sorry, but groups are one of the only things FB is still good for. Avoid the mad posts on your timeline from Aunt Janice and join groups like Hip Nashville and YEP Nashville. 
  • Meetup: This site has modernized somewhat and offers group activities, ranging from book clubs to bar meetups. Everyone will be trying to make friends. It’s like networking, but not for work. Nashville Hiking is particularly popular.
  • Bumble BFF: These days, you can use most dating apps to find friends if you’re clear in your profile (probably not Tinder, to be fair). But, Bumble BFF is designed explicitly for platonic connections.

In Real Life

Yeah, doing things IRL is scary. But, part of moving somewhere new is working those bravery muscles! Besides, showing up in person still works best when finding a community in a new city.

  • Local bars: Come on, we’ve all gotten to know bartenders and progressed from there. Or, started up a conversation with a stranger while sitting at the bar. 
  • Coffee shops: The same applies to coffee shops as bars. There will be people to talk to and staff to get to know. But, coffee shops will also likely post a bunch of flyers on their bulletin boards for, say, cycling clubs, running clubs, clothes exchanges, and hiking groups. 
  • Go to shows: You live in Music City now! Look up the calendars at a smaller venue, like The Basement or The Five Spot, and get chatty with other fans. 
  • Sports and workout classes: Always a great way to meet new people, Nashville offers endless workout opportunities. Try The Crag climbing gym or CrossFit Nashville

For some ideas about where to go IRL, check out our lists of Nashville distilleries, favorite breweries, best cocktails, and top notch coffee shop options. Then, finish off your outing with some free activities.

Looking for Love in Nashville (or Not)

Looking for love? Or companionship? Or maybe just browsing? Here are a few options for making romantic connections, or just expanding that new friend circle, in Nashville.

The Best Places to Meet Singles in Nashville

  • Online dating. It’s just how we all do it these days. Try Bumble, Hinge, or, if you prefer something a little different, Feeld.
  • Bars have always been a great place to make connections (romantic or not). Mother’s Ruin is a fun, intimate option to either take a Hinge date, or meet singles in the wild.
  • Queer community and queer romance can be found throughout Nashville, too. Try Lipstick Lounge, a bar for humans that provides a space for femme/lesbian LGBTQIA+ visitors.

Finding Your Nashville Neighborhood

As a Southern city with history, Nashville’s neighborhoods vary from traditional suburbs dotted with porch swings and perfect lawns, to new condo developments with all the mod-cons.

If you want to live in a central location, Midtown might work for you, with its mix of historic row homes and brand-new high-rises. Plus, with access to Downtown, Midtown serves as a perfect option for a fun, new resident who wants to take advantage of the urban lifestyle on offer.

East Nashville is a little more chill, with its enclave of artists, abundant creative opportunities, and avenues for finding a community in your new city. Head East if you want a single-family home in a vibrant, creative neighborhood.

Check out our Nashville neighborhood guides and map for a full rundown of Nashville neighborhoods. 

How to Find Your Nashville Apartment

Was that a lot to take in? Moving to a new city can pose considerable challenges. Make it easier with AptAmigo; tell us a little about who you are and what you need from your new home, and we’ll do all the difficult parts. That way, you can concentrate on building your new life and finding a community in Nashville.

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