Here’s Where You Can Find the Best Coffee in Nashville

Ready for a change of scenery? We get it. So, we’re sharing three of the best cafes in Nashville that cater to both work and play. Pack up your computer or call up your friends and head to one (or all three) of these spots for coffee, snacks, and a top-notch atmosphere that isn’t your house.

Best Cafes in Nashville

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Best Cafes in Nashville for Work and Play

Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor’s multiple locations throughout Nashville represent everything we look for in a café for both work and play. It’s got it all – excellent coffee, a relaxed atmosphere, tons of natural light, and food that really hits the spot. For instance, we love the community-style tables in their Golden Sound location, found in the Gulch neighborhood, with the added bonus of music spinning on a record player. The bar seating in the Germantown location with its mechanic shop garage doors and unique color scheme imbue the space with a creative spirit.

Whether you head to Barista Parlor to enjoy a slow morning catching up with friends or you’ve got a busy work day ahead, it is, hands-down, one of the best cafés in Nashville.

If you arrive there in the morning, grab their Bourbon Vanilla Latte and an everything bagel with cream cheese and a side of their seasonal jam. And, if you find yourself there later in the day, grab the CBDreamsicle; the hint of orange and impending relaxation are welcome delights.


Crema’s coffee, vibe, and food are all spot-on. With 3 locations in Nashville, Crema is a can’t-miss spot. It may be bustling, but it’s got the right amount of background noise for working away from your at-home office/dining table/kitchen counter.

The space provides plentiful seating indoors and out as well as the perfect window bar for giving your eyes a break from your screen. Pull up a bar stool and enjoy the natural light streaming through. If it’s a snack you’re after, you can’t go wrong with their avocado toast paired with one of their seasonal, specialty drinks.

Portland Brew

If you’re looking for a truly cozy café, one that’s home to a dimmer interior (in light, not in personality!), try Portland Brew in 12 South. It boasts a fairly quiet seating area indoors and a few tables on its patio. They offer a sizable breakfast and lunch menu with sandwiches large enough to feed two. So, grab a friend, grab a sandwich, and enjoy!

And, better yet, if you indulge in an afternoon café work session here, you’re already in 12 South. So, pop outside and head down the street to treat yourself to dinner at Josephine or Locust. Who doesn’t love a little snack after closing the computer for the day?

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