What to Know Before Moving to Nashville

Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and, increasingly, one of the most popular destinations to call home. Whether 2020 brought change in your personal and/or professional life, Nashville serves as the perfect place to foster new relationships and build a flourishing life. 

A bit of research never hurts when preparing for such a big change. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Before packing your bags, here are 7 items you should add to your moving checklist. 


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Before Moving to Nashville

1. Figure out which neighborhood in Nashville you want to live in.

Whether you love the hustle and bustle of downtown, or the quaint and intimate feel of Hillsboro Village, desirable neighborhoods in Nashville abound.

For instance, many professionals flock to Germantown, an up-and-coming neighborhood with several hip bars and restaurants, such as Mother’s Ruin, The Optimist, and Von Elrod’s. East Nashville is a trendy area of town with unique shops and attractions for creative individuals, such as the Fatherland District, and various thrift shops, like Star Struck Vintage.

Downtown Nashville puts you within walking distance of Broadway and live music every night of the week, featuring undeniable talent of all genres. 

To find the neighborhood with the right vibe for you, read our Nashville Neighborhood Guides.

2. Research what fits into your budget.

Renting is a great option when transitioning to a new city since apartment living offers a sense of community and unique amenities. Several considerations come into play when determining the cost of living in Nashville, including rent, gas, car, food, and entertainment.

The timing of your move can also affect the rate of your monthly rent, so research the seasonality of prices to figure out the best time to move before jumping the gun. It could help you save hundreds, or occasionally thousands, of dollars when you lock in a special deal at a complex.

3. Figure out what you’re looking for out of a space.

Apartment complexes offer a wide variety of amenities. With many people working from home in 2020, people began looking for apartment buildings with coworking spaces. Many complexes also include well-equipped gyms, luxurious outdoor pools, dog parks, and more.

Whether you prefer a luxury complex, or a more simple style, this growing city provides no shortage of options. Figure out your main priorities, and then let AptAmigo find the buildings that meet your precise wants and needs.  

4. Look into what life is like as a Nashvillian.

Nashville may look like a “country music city” from the outside, but it offers so much more in terms of culture, entertainment, and history. Many residents attracted to this city stick around for its phenomenal food scene, diverse residents, and unique vintage shops.

Get the inside scoop on life in Nashville, including the pros, such as the awesome nightlife and the residents’ Southern hospitality, and the cons, such as the traffic and lack of walkability. Familiarize yourself prior to making the big move so that you know what to expect when you get here.

5. Plan a time to visit and explore the city beforehand.

Before making a final decision about moving to the wonderful city of Nashville, visit in person to see what it’s really like. Ask locals all of your important questions about work, social life, or whatever matters most to you.

Go to parts of the city outside of Broadway and the tourist attractions to imagine what your daily life would look like here. Touring Nashville like a local will teach you how to turn your vision of Nashville life into a newfound reality.

6. Get set up with AptAmigo!

Whether you’re moving from down the road, or from several states away, apartment hunting can feel incredibly daunting. To make your moving process swift and easy, let AptAmigo become your go-to resource for finding the perfect place to live in Nashville.

We will listen to all of your requirements and schedule tours for buildings. Then, on your tour day, a local will guide you through the process of choosing your new place! They will pay for your Ubers and  buy you coffee, taking the difficulty out of moving for free! Reach out today to get started and find your brand new space to call home!

7. Sign your lease and book your move.

Now that you found your dream place to live with AptAmigo’s help, it’s time to sign your lease and pack your bags! First, book your move with our partner, Bellhop. Then, pick out furniture for your new place, connect with some locals, and make plans for this thrilling new chapter of your life. The preparation you just did will make your experience when moving to Nashville all the more worthwhile. 

Nashville is ready to welcome you as their newest resident! Find your city below, and let one of America’s fastest growing companies find the perfect new apartment for you.

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