Where To Live in Denver: A Guide To Each Neighborhood

Bridge running over a rive in Denver
where to live in denver

Where to live in Denver? Let’s face it: the whole city of Denver is beautiful! (I mean, have you looked at that mountain range to the west?) You cannot possibly go wrong when making the decision to move to Colorado’s booming capital but you may be looking for some insight as to where to live in Denver. What part of town is your part of town?

With every city comes various neighborhoods, each with their own quirks and characteristics. Denver is no exception; Yet it could be difficult to find your stomping grounds in this city—and not because they don’t exist. Denver has a place for you, rest assured—that place just might not have a name (yet). While a metropolis like New York has aged over time, Denver is on its way up. When the city’s existing culture was met with tremendous growth, neighborhoods were born. Most of them sprang up before the anyone could even agree on names. 

But without names, how will you know where to live in Denver?!

Don’t worry, we made this guide to highlight and define each of Denver’s distinct locales. We hope this guide will help you find your neck of the woods!

If you already know where to live in Denver or need further help deciding—AptAmigo is here.We’re always ready to find your perfect location and apartment that suits your every need!


The Highlands

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This has recently become one of Denver’s most gentrified and sought after area. Its winding roads present a small town aesthetic while still hosting a plethora of restaurants, shops, yoga studios, and so much more—Highland is nothing short of trendy. In addition to its boho-chic vibe, the area offers quick and easy access to the highway — providing a direct route to the mountains.

Price point: Because of how sought after this area has become, you will find a higher price point than many areas with one beds starting near the $1700 range.

West Highlands

Located in the Northwest of the city, you will find apartments scattered amongst mostly single family homes. With its townie feel, local eateries and watering holes, farmer’s markets, and high percentage of yogis per capita, it is the epitome of granola. If you want to be immersed in a conscious community with The Flatirons being only a hop, skip and a Camelback away, West Highlands will treat you well.

Search apartments available in West Highlands.

Some fave spots: El Camino Community Tavern, Oasis Brewing, Uncle, Vital Root

Lower Highlands (LoHi)

LoHi’s character mirror’s its location: somewhere in between the wholesome-trendy Highlands and the poised Riverfront. You have direct walkable access to downtown by crossing over the Platte River via one of the picturesque bridges, or stay on this neighborhood’s side of the Platte to avoid the ballpark crowd and enjoy a boujier happy hour. LoHi is your sweet spot if you don’t mind a slightly higher price point for the chic, stylish social scene with contiguity to downtown. 

Search apartments available in LoHi.

Some fave spots: Little Man Ice Cream, Postino, Linger, Avanti, El Five


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Better known as LoDo, this is the city’s oldest neighborhood but arguably one of its most vibrant. This central location radiates excitement throughout the streets that host Denver’s locals and its visitors arriving directly in the heart of the neighborhood at Union Station. 

Price Point: You can find a range of luxury living with a mix of Class-A (less than 10 years old) and Class-B (10-25 years old) residential properties. Some buildings offer one beds starting at $1500 and other high-end buildings offering utmost extravagance with one beds starting closer to $2700, with everything in between.

Lower Downtown (LoDo)

The part of town located on the Southeast side of Wewatta and Union Station is often referred to as BroDo, clearly for the baseball culture emanating from Coors Field. Although going to a Rockies game is one of the most popular attractions in the neighborhood, it is only one of many to enjoy — LoDo offers bustling nightlife surrounding the stadium that is composed of dives, rooftops, and sports bar as well as the historic district of Larimer Square that is lined with chic restaurants and boutiques. Do you want walkability? Is being sociable and seeing people when you walk out of your apartment exciting to you? Are you a baseball fan? If your answer is yes, yes, and yes: you are going to love LoDo. 

Search apartments in LoDo.

Some fave spots: Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, Wynkoop Brewing Company, El Chapultepec, Rhein Haus Denver, View House, Milk Market


Although technically considered Lower Downtown, the Northwest of Wewatta Street has an undeniable distinction from its BroDo counterpart. Riverfront holds a much more peaceful and refined environment, a haven somehow nestled in between the commotion of the ballpark and the high-priced trendiness of LoHi.  Rather than walking outside to find streets full of Denver’s visitors, business personnel, and socialites, you will be met with the beautifully well-kept parks lined along the Platte River with a view the Rockies in the distance. If you are looking to stay within reach of all of the action but would like a bit of tranquility, Riverfront is the way to go.

Search apartments in Riverfront.

Some fave spots: Pizza Pedal’r, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Commons Park, Whole Foods, The Pig & Sprout, REI Flagship Store

Upper Downtown

If you continue Southeast from Union Station, past BroDo, you will find yourself in these parts of town. Although still amongst skyscrapers, many of the new construction high rises are luxury communities offering a wide array of amenities to their residents, these neighborhoods bring a slower change of pace in comparison to Lower Downtown.

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Price Point: Upper downtown offers a mix of Class-A (less than 10 years old) and Class-B (10-25 years old) residential properties in the same regard as Lower Downtown but with a slightly lower price point given that it is slightly removed from the hype. One beds can be found starting closer to the $1400s.

Central Business District

The name stems from it being the commercial core of Denver. Other than the constant motion of street performers, tourists, and shoppers on their beloved 16th Street Mall and the bustle of nine-to-fivers, this neighborhood remains fairly calm and especially quiet on weekends. Luckily, the location is so central that having a car is only necessary for those looking to escape the city. If your top priority is having an easy commute to work, you should check out Central Business District.

See apartments in the Central Business District here.

Some fave spots: Panzano, Tarantula, Colorado History Museum, the Denver Center of Performing Arts, Cherry Creek Trail.


The name Uptown is often interchanged with North Capitol Hill. It’s a few steps east of the Central Business District and a few steps north of Cap Hill. The convenience of being downtown’s next door neighbor has also brought upon the rapid boom this neighborhood is experiencing. This provides reasonably priced, high end living options, while maintaining the charm of an eclectic residential area. Here you will find coffee shops, belly-pleasing restaurants, gourmet convenience stores, and Denver’s seasoned music venues. If you want to be walking distance from downtown, and love having your neighborhood spots, live in Uptown.

Search available apartments in Uptown.

Some fave spots: La Pasadita Inn, Walter’s, Fillmore Auditorium, Steuben’s, Watercourse Foods, Marczyk Fine Foods

River North & Five Points

Once LoDo reaches Park Ave, it becomes a historical locale that once hosted iconic jazz artists and industrial warehouses. Those same buildings now house concert venues, breweries, and art galleries. There are some lingering original structures that stand as period pieces.

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Price point: You will find the starting price for one beds around $1450, with some higher budget options for the newer, modern luxury apartments in the area.

River North (RiNo)

When a section of a city was once solely industrial, it seems to always become an artist takeover. The weathered and exposed infrastructure of RiNo used to be factories and warehouses. Today, it has become an open and inviting social scene provided by creatives of many different mediums. There is craft brewing, visual art, unique culinary, designers and furniture makers, and coffee roasting (to name a few). The artwork is not contained within the lofted walls, it extends throughout the whole neighborhood. Streets are covered in magnificent murals done by many of Colorado’s street artists.

The area’s full name is River North Art District, but it has received a nickname like many others in Denver. Many new buildings have been put into place due to its rising popularity. There are bounds of new apartment buildings, grocery stores, and bike lanes. RiNo is an awesome place to live if you enjoy the urban charm of an avant-garde revival.

Search apartments in RiNo.

Some fave spots: Cart Driver, Crema, Ratio Beerworks, Gerard’s, Tracks, Improper City, Mission Ballroom

Five Points

Rather than once containing the wares of Denver, this is a neighborhood that has always been predominantly residential. This district was referred to as the “Harlem of the West” because of the major jazz focus. Today you still see the Victorian facades of that time, most of the housing in this neighborhood built in the earlier half of the 1900s. Because of that, this neighborhood is going through a less rapid renovation than its artsy sister-hood, RiNo. Five Points may be rougher on the surface and not hold a lot of updated housing, but its rich cultural character still provides some acclaimed concert halls and neighborhood gems worth frequenting. If you are looking to be close to the art district with a lower price point, Five Points is a great option.

Search apartments in Five Points.

Some fave spots: Rosenburg’s Bagels and Delicatessen, Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Mercury Cafe, Snooze A.M. Eatery, Spangalang Brewery

East Denver

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This part of town has the most preserved culture pertaining to Denver’s roots while being the perfect poster child for its tremendous growth. With a variety of long established buildings and shops mixed with renovated and newly blossomed constructions, this part of town offers the greatest variety of everything Denver has to offer.

Price Point: As stated, this neighborhood has a mix of weathered, renovated, and brand new buildings, providing a sliding scale of options and price points available. This means one beds are starting around $1300 for more seasoned but renovated buildings.

Cap Hill

Receiving its name from the gorgeous gold-domed Capitol building that resides in this neighborhood, Cap Hill is comprised of history and hipsters. A mix of historic mansions, museums, and lively nightlife all within the most densely populated area of the city; this neighborhood provides an extremely eclectic community for liberal city slickers to thrive. It is impossible to be bored when there is Broadway St, Colfax Ave, and something around each corner. You can find used book stores, the best music venues, tasty vegetarian (and not vegetarian) food, and coffee shops with the best espresso. Luckily all of this is within walking distance, because parking is undeniably one of the biggest nightmares in this district. If you prefer walkability (or bikeability) and the grittiness of a city gives you life, Cap Hill is for you.

Search apartments in Cap Hill.

Some fave spots: City O’ City, Broadway Market, Pablo’s, Wax Trax, Ogden Theatre, Armida’s

City Park West

A spot that is often lumped in with another neighborhood because its location is tucked between Uptown, City Park, and Cap Hill, but definitely marks a district all of its own. Similar to its western neighbor, Uptown, it provides some of the best local neighborhood restaurants and bars with stellar happy hours for its residents to take advantage of. The name is a good indication of exactly what you get when living in this neighborhood: A taste of city living and the serenity of Denver’s most popular 320-acre park. If you want to live in a relaxed neighborhood where you can enjoy daily hang outs in the park with a taste of the Cap Hill grit emanating from the spirited East Colfax Ave, City Park West is your ideal location.

Search apartments in City Park West.

Some fave spots: Vine Street Pub, Weathervane Cafe, City Park, Denver Bicycle Cafe, Denver Zoo

South Broadway

A truly comprehensive area just south of the downtown area providing direct access to parks, well curated local shops, historic theaters and much more—and with Denver’s light rail nearby, you not only have access to the neighborhood, but a care free ride that takes you anywhere from downtown Denver, the university, the DTC, and everywhere in between. There are activities for all personalities and interests for those willing to consider South Broadway over a more centralized downtown location.

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Price Point: Getting a little south of downtown definitely helps lower the price point of units in the South Broadway area, with Class-C residential one beds beginning around $1300 and some Class-A lavish one beds beginning in the $1600s.


Baker has more recently taken on the title of SoBo, in reference to South Broadway and this city’s love for shortened monikers. What was solely a single-family home neighborhood has had many multi-family renter options popping up as of recently. Though most the streets consist of low key residences, you can quickly find yourself strolling up and down South Broadway to discover vintage clothing, a wide range of eateries, book stores, record shops, art galleries, craft supplies, hip music venues, and so much more. The diverse options of entertainment and artistic intrigue are truly endless, attracting a whimsical demographic. If you seek to be in a true neighborhood outside the downtown area, with access to an unpolished yet tastefully eccentric mainstrip, you will thrive in Baker.

Search apartments in Baker.

Some fave spots: Mayan Theater, The Historians, Herban Underground, The Wizard’s Chest, (a very large) Goodwill

Wash Park

Close to Baker but provides a more wholesome lifestyle; This neighborhood has resemblance to suburban living with its direct access to the highway, its awning covered shops, and its respective Washington Park providing a lush landscape for people to walk their dogs, run, bike, paddleboat, or enjoy the formal flower gardens located within. In addition to those leisure activities, there is South Pearl Street or more often referred to as Denver’s “restaurant row”. If you want to take a breather from the metropolitan buzz and experience a day-to-day that resonates with most Colorado residents, Wash Park will be your sanctuary. 

Search apartments in Wash Park.

Some fave spots: Homegrown Tap & Dough, Lincoln’s Roadhouse, Sushi Den, Sexy Pizza, Washington Park (the actual park)

There you have it, our transparent guide to each Denver neighborhood! Now that you’ve narrowed down where to live in Denver—let AptAmigo do the rest. Just reach out and let us know which neighborhood(s) you’re interested in living in and your lifestyle and we will curate a list of apartments that you’d love, schedule tours to each of them, and even Uber and accompany you to each building!

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