Is Denver a Good Place to Live?

by AptAmigo | May 7, 2020 | Denver, Denver Apartment Search

The Mile High City has long attracted a diverse group of individuals to its beautiful space. But in recent years, the steady influx of people flocking to Denver has caused it to stay at the top of many lists. If you’ve caught yourself asking

“Is Denver a good place to live?” then this article has everything you need to know: From quality of life to cost of living. Denver is a fantastic city to call home—for many reasons—but here are a few of our favorites. 

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Why Is Denver a Good Place to Live?

Quality of Life

U.S. News & World ranked Denver as the second best place to live, behind Austin, Texas. It’s likely that the city’s “work hard, play harder” mentality helped it climb the ranks. Denver’s backyard opens up to The Rocky Mountains and some truly coveted outdoor recreation. The world-class skiing, hiking, rafting, and climbing attract enthusiasts of all skill levels who enjoy soaking up one of nature’s most epic playgrounds. 

The city itself has ample greenspace, parks, and trails that wind from tip to tail of the city. Reservoirs and lakes are readily available for fishers, picnicers, and kayakers. Residents are of the mentality that a day spent indoors is a day wasted—unless it’s accompanied by a craft beer—but even then, those are usually best enjoyed on a patio or ski slope. 

For those moving to Denver solo, have no fear— it’s easy to meet people in this incredibly social city. Meetups of all varieties occur daily and summertime is rife with outdoor concerts, parades, and festivals that provide plenty of opportunities to meet fellow Denverites. 

To help out with your move, solo or otherwise, be sure research Denver’s booming neighborhoods. With the city attracting so many people, it’ll pay off to know what areas offer the best experience for newcomers.

The communal mentality of this booming city is based in support and acceptance. Its progressive culture, inclusive mindset, and laid-back vibe help people of all walks feel welcome and respected. Plus, 300+ days of sunshine and plenty of fresh mountain air make it hard to be in a bad mood. 

Things to Do in Denver

For those who are easily bored, Denver and its surrounding ares offer plenty to do. Downtown bustles each night with popular bars and five-star restaurants, while surrounding suburbs take on a small-town feel of their own. You’ll find frequent art fests, Friday night concerts, and weekend farmers markets. 

Just a short drive away is the breathtaking foothills of Boulder and Golden. An easy drive after work gives you sweeping sunsets and lush, green pines lining straightforward hiking trails. Winter weeks can be spent in the mountains and all are welcome.

Snow shoeing, ice climbing, downhill skiing, and even some apres ski festivities provide ample entertainment and allow Denver residents to really take advantage of all this state has to offer. 

Each Denver neighborhood has its own distinctive vibe and must-see attractions. Visit Union Station in the heart of LoDo for a heaping pile of pancakes at Snooze, then head down to the Denver Botanic Gardens in the peaceful, family-friendly Congress Park neighborhood.

Keep an eye on visiting exhibits that come through the Denver Art Museum for a chance to see some of Monet’s greatest paintings or take a peek at the hand-made Star Wars costumes that were actually used in the series. Confluence Park gets packed on weekends and almost resembles Venice Beach more than a landlocked river park.

Cherry Creek boasts impeccable shopping, fine dining, and beautiful homes. And no one can really say they live in Denver until they’ve witnessed a show at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. 

How to Get Places

Traffic isn’t so bad that driving is impossible, but many commuting around the downtown area will find that public transit is convenient, clean, and affordable. During big events or in certain neighborhoods (we’re looking at you Cap Hill), parking can be tricky to find. Many Denverites opt to walk or bike to work while some commute via the RTD Light Rail.

Newer companies seeking to incentivize their employees often give bus or light rail passes, or even provide a certain amount of Uber dollars to be spent monthly on commuting. Rentable scooters have even been popping up around the city as a means of getting from one neighborhood to another.

Just be careful, and remember— they won’t work on 16th St. Mall.

Is Denver Expensive?

Compared to other large cities, Denver ranks as the more affordable option. An average one bedroom in the city rents for $1,265 – contrasting heavily from a one-bedroom in other premier cities such as NYC.

However, this price usually includes stellar amenities like state-of-the-art gyms, luxury pools, community spaces, roof-top decks, and concierge services. Units in these luxury high rises will cost a bit more, but you definitely get what you pay for in Denver. 

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Denver is more expensive than the national average but the average income also ranks higher. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average and future job growth ranks at 45%.

Compared to the country’s average of 33.51%, new Denver residents should have an easier time finding employment and higher salaries. 

Find Your Dream Denver Apartment

Denver is a great place to live. The music, food, recreation, and social scenes are truly remarkable. As people continue to flock to this city, the economy, job options, and culture will only keep getting better.

Now that you have a better idea of living in Denver, let AptAmigo provide a stress-free apartment hunting experience. We can help you pick a neighborhood, get a great deal, and narrow down options. We even schedule all your viewings and coordinate with leasing staff so you don’t have to. The best part? It’s completely free. Reach out to us and one of our apartment experts will make sure all of your must-haves are accounted for. We love Denver, and we know you will, too!

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AptAmigo has a simple goal: to make finding an apartment easy and maybe even a little fun. With concierge-level care and an expert understanding of the local rental market, we’re more than your average apartment website. We’re perfecting done-for-you apartment searching, and we’re doing it all for free. Reach out to us today and start your VIP apartment search.

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About Us

AptAmigo has a simple goal: to make finding an apartment easy and maybe even a little fun. With concierge-level care and an expert understanding of the local rental market, we’re more than your average apartment website. We’re perfecting done-for-you apartment searching, and we’re doing it all for free. Reach out to us today and start your VIP apartment search.