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Denver’s wide variety of neighborhoods contribute to the mile-high city’s rich culture. Each has its own personality, befitting the wide variety of people who call this place home. From sleepy, shaded streets to bustling urban centers, Denver has a neighborhood for every preference. To get a better feel for the centennial city, check out our neighborhood guide below.

Denver Neighborhood Guide:

Capitol Hill (Cap Hill)

The first area we’ll cover on our Denver neighborhood guide is the eclectic and historic Capitol Hill. This beautiful neighborhood is known for a few things, but namely, terrible parking and gorgeous architecture. Dating back to 1864, Capitol Hill was once the home to Denver’s wealthiest residents and many built their homes in the heart of Cap. Hill. While few of these mansions still stand as single resident homes, many were turned into apartment buildings during the Great Depression. Cap. Hill stands as a small time capsule for Denver’s rich history. This quiet neighborhood is a short few blocks from the Central Business District, so if you’re planning to work downtown, this could be the spot for you.  

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Central Business District

There’s never a dull moment in this lively neighborhood. Residents live in the middle of downtown Denver. Home to some of the finest dining and best loved bars, the Central Business District is most comparable to living in a big city. The 16th Street Mall cuts right down the middle of this neighborhood and provides plenty of shopping, tourist attractions, theaters, and more. It’s a great place to host out of town visitors and to meet new people upon your arrival to Denver.

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Cheesman Park

This neighborhood’s namesake is one of Denver’s most loved parks. Built on ancient burial grounds, this grassy field is said to be haunted. However, that doesn’t keep scores of sunbathers, soccer players, and dogs off its lawns. Cheesman Park’s apartment lined streets can feel a little cramped, so its residents spend much of their free time congregating at the park. Nestled between Cap Hill and Congress Park, you’ll be hard pressed to find parking but are within walking distance to many of 6th Avenue’s coffee shops, bars and restaurants and the Denver Botanic Gardens.

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Cherry Creek

This is one of Denver’s more upscale neighborhoods. Apartment buildings are elegant and new. Most are within walking distance to high-end shopping and dining. Housing isn’t cheap as there is a lot of demand for the less expensive condos and townhomes. Construction has been a constant in this neighborhood for the past few years as interest in the area continues to grow. There’s plenty of access to public transportation. Whole Foods and the Cherry Creek Mall are within walking distance of most housing.

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Five Points

One of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, Five Points boasts a diverse history, it’s roots dating back to pre-Capitol Hill era. Five Points is known to locals for its vast, multicultural history, marks of which can still be seen in the neighborhood’s businesses. Previously known for a short time as “Harlem of the West”, Five Points played host to many famous African-American jazz musicians. Efforts to renew and revitalize the area are well underway, making Five Points one of Denver’s most treasured neighborhoods.  

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Highlands & Lower Highlands (LoHi)

This area has long reigned as one of Denver’s trendiest places to live. You get the best of both worlds – proximity to the city, but far enough away to enjoy the tranquility that suburban living can offer. While this area is pricey, it offers convenience with quick access to I-25. Lower Highlands is a short Lyft from Union Station and a quick bike ride into downtown. These neighborhoods are speckled with yoga studios, breweries, and boutiques making it a great place to spend the weekend.

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Lower Downtown (LoDo)

This district is known for its wild nightlife and popularity with people relocating to Denver for work. LoDo is the heart of downtown Denver – it’s always alive with something to do. Restaurants, Art Galleries, Bars, and Sports games fill the dockett of most LoDo residents. You can live, work, and play all within a few square miles living in LoDo.

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Platt Park

Looking for a way to carve out a community in this big city? Look no further than Platt Park. This quaint, historic neighborhood feels like a small town with its summertime farmer’s markets and charming main drag, Old South Pearl Street. Trolley tracks from days gone peek their way through the asphalt. Homes are quiet bungalows popular with first-time home buyers, the neighborhood bridges the gap between historical and modern.

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River North (RiNo)

River North is Denver’s very own arts district. Most blocks seemingly house either a gallery or brewery, or both. Rivaling LoDo for nightlife, RiNo is vibrant and energetic, pulsing with exuberance. If you’re a creative looking to connect with other artists, photographers, dancers, and the like – RiNo is the place for you.

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University Park

While smaller than a typical ‘college town’, University Park’s proximity to the University of Denver drives much of its unique energy. Weekend nights are busy and there are plenty of dive bars to quench your thirst at. Sometimes referred to as The DU neighborhood, this area offers a wide varieties of rentals – and doesn’t fit any one stereotype. University Park is a fun, lively place to call home.

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Uptown offers residents a break from the 16th Street Mall and the city’s bustle, while still situating itself on major bus routes only a stone’s throw from downtown. Professionals and commuters alike spend their time on 17th dining at Uptown’s unique, moderately priced restaurants. Beautiful churches, historic brick row houses, and modern apartment buildings form the amalgam that is Uptown.

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Washington Park (Wash Park)

Famous for its namesake, the neighborhood of Wash Park is a gorgeous and pricey spot to call home. The 155-acre park serves as the neighborhoods epicenter and is lined by beautiful historic and modern homes. People from all walks of life call Wash Park home and you’re sure to make friends at any of the pick up games this summer.

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Wash Park West (South Broadway)

This little slice of heaven has everything one could wish for. Situated near Baker’s burgeoning arts district and just north of a myriad of vintage shops, Wash Park West is a great place to for music lovers and foodies. South Broadway is home to many of Denver’s greatest dive bars and some of the best music venues in the city. The residential streets remain relatively quiet and provide ample space for after work strolls with the pooch.

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