Moving across the country, across state lines, or even to a new apartment can be a taxing, daunting experience. However, it is also a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and broader horizons. Before moving to Denver, there are a few key steps you’ll need to take to ensure your transition is as smooth and seamless as possible. Read on to discover more. 

Once you’ve decided on moving to Denver, read our Ultimate Moving Checklist to help your transition from out of town!


Why Are You Moving to Denver?

Humans have been moving around since our species’ inception. First, it was for food, safety, warmth, survival. Then, it was for freedom, security, and opportunity. Now, we have the luxury to move because we want to explore and for no other reason, we pack up our bags and hit the road. 

Denver has long beckoned to weary travelers, adventure seekers, and mountain lovers. But now, this booming city offers much more than wide open spaces, in fact, it offers myriad job prospects, competitive wages, and the chance to grow and connect with individuals from all walks of life. 

Consider the reason behind moving to Denver. Then ensure that this bustling, growing city will provide. Click here to read our list of reasons why you should, and shouldn’t, move to Denver.

Consider the Cost of Living

To determine if you’ll be able to hack it in the big city, consider the cost of living in Denver, Colorado. Not only do you need to research rental prices, gas costs, and salary estimations, but you should also take into account how much it costs to have fun (pssst lease-ups are an easy way to save money on apartments). 

One of the city’s draws is its proximity to the mountains. Winter time is full of ski trips, bar hopping, shows, and winter festivals in far flung mountain towns. Summer is the season for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and rafting. But you will have to pay to play. Think about how much you’re willing to spend on fun when planning a move to the Mile High city. 

Pick a Neighborhood Before Moving to Denver

Denver neighborhoods are notorious for having their own pulse, their own personalities, and their own expenses. Depending on your overall life goals, you might be happier choosing a neighborhood with like-minded individuals. 

For example, Congress Park is home to many young families but also provides easy access to downtown Denver. It’s quiet, sleepy streets are perfect for afternoon strolls and neighborhood potlucks. If you seek an urban area with amazing restaurants and vibrant nightlife, Five Points may be more your cup of tea. 

Check out our neighborhood guide for an in-depth look at Denver’s unique enclaves. 

Research What It’s Like to Live Here and See If You’d Fit In

Colorado is a unique state in that its home to nature lovers, tech start-ups, cattle ranchers, eccentric hippies, and entrepreneurial CEOs. There’s a reason so many people love this state. Denver is no different. It attracts people from all parts of the globe and provides an open-minded atmosphere that is both welcoming and supportive. 

There’s something for everyone in Denver.
Beer lovers can make friends at local craft breweries occupying practically every corner. Dog owners can meet up and take their four-legged friends on amazing hikes and nature walks throughout the city and nearby foothills. Sports fans can watch Denver’s professional hockey, football, basketball, and baseball teams year-round. 

Plan a Visit

Sure, reading about a city is one way to experience all it has to offer, but visiting really is the best way to feel it out. Before moving to Denver, take a trip to the Centennial State. Fly into the Denver airport and spend the weekend exploring downtown.

Maybe it’s all the fresh mountain air or that Rocky Mountain High, but most people are really welcoming in Denver. Traveling alone is no problem and you’re almost always guaranteed to strike up a conversation with a friendly barista or get invited to a brewery with folks you bump into on the trail.

If you’re not up for hiking or exploring breweries, don’t worry, there is plenty of other Things to Do on Your First Visit.

Call AptAmigo

No matter if you live out of town or down the street, apartment hunting can take on the trappings of a full time job. That’s where we come in. AptAmigo does all the leg work for you, setting up tours with your desired apartment in mind.

You can tour as many or as few as you want until we find the one that best suits your needs and budget. For out of town apartment hunters, we can even FaceTime you from the apartment to give you the full picture. 

Choose Your Potential Apartment Buildings to Tour

After our AptAmigo agent gathers information on what type of apartment building you’re looking for, which neighborhoods you’re most interested in, and what your monthly rental budget is, he or she will send you potential buildings. Offer insight on ones you like and dislike, and your friendly agent will better be able to select potential homes going forward. 

If you’re interested in what some of the The Best Luxury Apartments in Denver consist of, we’ve got a curated list.

Pick Your Favorite and Sign a Lease

Once you’ve found your desired apartment, it’s time to sign a lease. Our AptAmigo agents offer guidance through this process and stand at the ready to answer any questions along the way. Don’t wait, call today to get started on finding your dream apartment in this amazing city. 

Move In!

When you arrive, make sure to check out Denver’s hot spots for delicious local eats and fun things to do with our Ultimate Food Tour Guide. Or, make the most out of your new chapter and dive right in to all this lively city has to offer by following our Tour Denver like a Local guide. 

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