Part-time jobs in real estate are few and far between, but not everyone interested in joining the profession wants or needs to work full-time. AptAmigo aims to change that reality with part-time, entry-level positions that can function as a fun side gig or a pathway into the industry for newcomers. Real estate Touring Agents gain relevant experience that makes switching careers, balancing life obligations, or simply earning a few extra bucks more manageable.

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What is a Touring Agent in Real Estate?

Real estate Touring Agents (TAs) support our team by taking apartment hunters on tours of rental units that meet their established criteria. You can get the full rundown about the role in What Is a Touring Agent?

Do I Need a License to Become a Touring Agent?

In short, it depends. 

If you work in Texas, the state with the strictest requirements, you will need a real estate license before you begin. In Chicago, you can start the job with a student license for 120 days, allowing you to work while earning a leasing license.

Many states require no license at all for TAs, so check your state’s laws to determine what you need to apply for this role. If you live in a state without licensing requirements, it can serve as an easy way to test the waters before deciding whether to enter the profession permanently.

Touring Agent with Client

What Steps Should I Take to Become a Touring Agent?

Learn About the Position: Before you make any decisions, do your research. Read up on the realities of part-time jobs in real estate and why you should consider becoming a TA. Use Google to learn about the industry at large and how this position fits into the big picture. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to put together an excellent application. 

As you clarify your goals and lay out a plan to move forward, you’ll develop a stronger sense of how well your qualifications match and how to discuss your strengths and objectives with potential interviewers. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to people already in this role with any questions along the way.

Tailor Your Resume for the Job: In order to convince the hiring manager to take your TA application seriously, you’ll need to tailor your resume in a way that highlights your most relevant experience and qualifications. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your top skills, such as time management, communication, and building excellent B2C relationships.

Reach Out to HR with Questions: Our HR department can answer any question about what the position entails, including salary expectations, hours, scheduling, and more.

Submit Your Application: Once you fully understand the position, you can apply by sending your resume to the HR coordinator for review.

Practice Your Interview Skills: Now would be a good time to refresh those interview skills so that you can jump into action if you receive a positive response to your application. LinkedIn and other career-related websites provide tons of resources for improving and fine-tuning those skills. However, practice, lots of practice, will increase your chances for success. Use a mirror, a video camera, a friend or mentor, and conduct mock interviews until you feel comfortable and confident when responding to questions about the company and position. 

Touring Agent in Rideshare with Client

What Skills and Qualifications Do I need?

Excellent Time Management: When you show apartments, clients must arrive at appointments on time. Typically, we will line up multiple, back-to-back viewings on a single day, and keeping track of time in order to arrange rideshares at the appropriate moment is crucial.

Interpersonal Skills: TAs work out on the front lines. As the literal face of the company, you will build positive relationships with clients by providing friendly, personalized support throughout the day. An honest and trustworthy people-person with a customer service-oriented attitude will do well in this role. Getting to know a client personally and showing them how much you truly care goes a long way in earning their trust.

Attention to Detail while Multitasking: You will answer questions about specific buildings and apartments as well as the apartment hunting process in general. You will also ask building staff the questions apartment hunters often forget to ask. At the same time, you’ll need to take notes, shoot photos, and monitor the day’s schedule. If you can do all of that simultaneously and pay close attention to the client’s needs, interests, and reactions to each place, you’ll fit in well.

Exceptional Communication Skills: This job requires communicating with multiple parties to coordinate your client’s apartment search. You and the client need to be on the same page, but you’ll also collaborate with your client’s apartment locator and the ops team.

When Will I Hear Back about my Application?

An initial response to your application will often arrive within a week of submitting it. However, response times can vary depending on how many applications we receive, how many HR staff are available to review them, and other uncontrollable or unforeseeable factors. Give our team at least one week, perhaps even two, before following up. You don’t want to add undue pressure to already busy people.

Touring Agent with Clients

Ready to Apply?

If you learned all you need to know about the TA role and want to apply now. Search our open positions below and submit your application today. And, as always, feel free to reach out with any questions.

AptAmigo is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and does not discriminate based on race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law, in connection with any aspect of employment at AptAmigo.