New York holds magic like no other city in America. Its energy pulsates throughout the historic streets, and stories burst from each borough— telling tales of dreams made, hearts broken, chaos, and beauty. In New York, the juice is worth the squeeze. 

But for many of us, a few years in New York can be tiring. Fighting the crowds, working multiple jobs, standing in line, and paying outstanding rent prices is only exciting for so long. As time goes by, many of us crave space, nature, and a slower pace.

What if there was another city that was home to world-renowned restaurants, late night bars, and a vibrant culture, but also has mountains at its backdoor? Moving to Denver from NYC is a big change, but a satisfying one for many.

If you’re comparing NYC vs Denver, there’s no time like the present. Denver’s economy is booming and continues to attract a diverse group of people from all over the country. AptAmigo can make your move easier by providing 1-on-1 support from a local Denver expert.

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Key Reasons To Consider Moving to Denver From NYC

Quality of Life

It’s no secret that Coloradans work hard and play harder—we recently ranked 10th in “emotional and physical well-being”. As a state full of weekend warriors, we know that work-life balance is key. Denverites don’t live to work but rather work to live and make sure that every minute of free time truly counts.

Residents of harsher winter climates often experience S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) or other mood disorders that are caused by a lack of sunshine and vitamin D in the winter. Lucky for us, Colorado averages 300 days of sunshine⁠— so winters aren’t that tough and summers are always well worth the wait.

Even when Coloradans aren’t tearing down the ski slopes in the winter, there’s plenty of suns to be had at Denver’s myriad of parks and open spaces. No one hibernates in this state— instead, we suit up in puffy jackets, gloves, wool socks, and buffs in order to get outside and enjoy the sun. 


Coloradans are notoriously outdoorsy people but this lifestyle also seeps over into other areas. Environmentally conscious companies are numerous, and consumers tend to be community-oriented.

Denverites prefer to spend their dollars at farmer’s markets, art shows, and locally-based businesses in an effort to bolster the community and decrease our carbon footprint.

The general Denver vibe is down-to-earth. You’d be hard pressed to find black-tie clad partygoers waiting in long lines here.

While Denver has plenty of upscale bars, restaurants, and clubs, the atmosphere is still relaxed. Breweries tend to be the local watering hole and food truck parks, dining halls, and concert venues often provide the backdrop for social engagements.

Recreational marijuana has been legal here since 2012, if that clues you into this state’s vibe…

Housing Situation

When moving to Denver from NYC, there is a stark contrast in the housing market. As more people move to Denver, the call for modern, affordable housing grows. Consequently, so do the number of apartment buildings answering that call.

This means that renters will benefit from more and more buildings competing for the same number of renters. Which means amazing amenities, competitive pricing, and convenient locations to choose from.

In New York, you often have to show up with a security deposit, first, and last month’s rent in hand and prepare to hand it over if you are even considering the apartment. In Denver, it’s rare for apartment buildings to require this much up-front.

Usually, to incentivize renters, application fees are waived and move-in costs are kept very low. Plus, AptAmigo offers a concierge service that makes apartment hunting in Denver even easier; just give us your specifications and we’ll do the hard part for you.

Proximity to Outdoors Recreation

Denver is about 45 minutes from the closest set of mountains and only a few hours from some of the best skiing in the country. Just up the road, Boulder and Golden offer hundreds of miles of hiking, running, and biking trails so city dwellers can get their mountain fix all year long. 

In Denver, there are ample parks, greenspaces, and trails where locals go to hang, workout, or walk the dog. Wash Park is a favorite hang out and hosts volleyball, kickball, and ultimate frisbee leagues all summer long.

Cheesman Park sits only a few miles from downtown and is the perfect spot for picnics and casual strolls. On the coldest of winter days, warm up in the greenhouse at Denver Botanic Gardens and pretend you’re in the tropics. 


Denver natives and transplants are friendly and approachable. If you’re moving here alone, rest assured, there are plenty of transplants who came here not knowing a soul and now have a large, varied friend group.

Meetups are aplenty and singles groups are welcoming, low-key, and no-frills. People that come to Denver arrive from all over— Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, California— you get the idea. Everyone’s looking to make friends and subscribe to a healthier lifestyle. As long as you also adore dogs, you’ll fit right in! 


With over 300 days of sunshine, winters appear less harsh and are much easier to get through. Plus, there are so many winter activities that you may even look forward to the snowier months.

Skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, ice skating, and more await this winter wonderland. For the real tough outdoors people, ice climbing, backcountry skiing, and winter camping can be found as well.

If you get bored easily, don’t worry, the weather in Denver is constantly changing and no two years ever look alike. Last year, it snowed in May but January saw days that only required a light jacket. Summers boast warm days and crisp evenings, with humidity consistently low throughout even the warmest of months. So you can kiss those East Coast bad hair days goodbye.

Love Life

We’re not going to sugar coat this one, in 2019, Denver was voted as America’s worst city to find love. It’s culture is often stereotyped as containing ski bums, techies, and ‘Instagram yogis’. 

But for every self-interested person in Denver, there are two more looking to improve their life, give back to the community, and foster a positive, healthy relationship.

18-44 year olds make up over half of Denver’s population and its median age is 34 years old. While it used to be referred to as MENver, now, the number of men and women is practically even. Additionally, the number of married people versus single people is equal, meaning you can have a diverse group of friends and have a social circle that encompasses many experiences.

Job Market

Denver and the surrounding metro area, including Boulder, Broomfield, and DTC (Denver Tech Center), have frequently been cited as the next Silicon Valley. Tech companies are moving their headquarters from places like San Francisco and New York almost daily.

For those looking for an industry change, desiring to move up professionally, or wanting to start their own business, Denver provides a great place to do so. 

Businesses pay well and most promote a healthy work-life balance. Many offer public transportation compensation, stipend moving, ski passes, and host awesome team building activities. Rocky Mountain retreats anyone?  


Few people own cars in New York, and for good reason. It’s time-consuming, gas is expensive, and parking is almost nonexistent. This makes getting out of the city a real hassle, which means many New Yorkers spend their free time without a change of scenery. 

Denver isn’t necessarily a driving city— you can live downtown without a vehicle and still easily get to other neighborhoods, nearby towns, and even the mountains. However, for vehicle owners, there’s plenty of parking and most apartment buildings offer covered parking for tenants. 

The Mile-High City has been heavily funding public transportation, and the RTD system now gives access to a large part of the areas surrounding Denver.

The public buses and Lightrail train cars are clean, safe, and efficient. Commuting by bike and foot is super common, and the city even has numerous commuter bike paths linking downtown to its surrounding neighborhoods. Ubers, ride shares, and car rentals are also common and affordable.

Make Denver Your New Home

If you’re jonesing for a change of scenery, Denver is a great choice. Trade the city that never sleeps for a Rocky Mountain sunset, and get ready to explore all that Denver has to offer. Now hop on a plane from NYC to Denver and see what awaits!

Denver is a happy, healthy, friendly city that many East Coast transplants love to call home. If you’re thinking about moving and just want to talk to a helpful local, call AptAmigo. We’d love to help you find your dream apartment and make moving to Denver from NYC a total breeze.

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