If your heart is set on turning the page to a new chapter and you’re thinking about moving to Denver alone, rest assured that you’ve made the right decision. Denver is an amazing new home with so many positive opportunities, beautiful nature to explore, and loads of interesting people to meet. You’d be hard pressed to find another big-little city quite as special as this one.

We’ve covered Denver’s best studio apartments, so you’ll have an affordable yet luxurious place to call home.


A Variety of Activities and Events to Do Solo

In Denver, there’s no shortage of things to do. No matter your preference, the city has something for all interests. Because Denver is growing so rapidly, new restaurants, concert venues, outdoor markets, and more activities are cropping up all over this mile-high haven.

Maybe you want to go rock climbing. Maybe whitewater kayaking piques your interest. Or maybe, you’re not focused on adventure sports but instead want to learn to paint or sharpen up your cooking skills or volunteer at an animal rescue.

Denver has all of this and more – classes for anything you could ever want to try, meetups for all personality types, hobbies, and schedules, singles groups, family events, dog park social hours for people with golden retrievers and other fur babies.

Between the various universities, museums, adventure companies, and people, there’s constant support, encouragement, and guidance no matter what it is you want to experience.

Of course it’s not uncommon for a big city to have loads of amenities, fine dining restaurants, onesie themed bar crawls, and more community oriented activities. What sets Denver apart is that they incorporate progressive ideas or socially conscious movements, activities, and messages with these social events.

Not only are you hanging at Wash Park with a bunch of new friends, but you just ran a 5k to support Denver’s dog rescues and got a free beer to top it all off.

Plenty of New People to Meet

If you’re a little nervous about moving to Denver alone, rest assured, there are plenty of other’s just like you who moved out here totally solo and looking to make friends. While Denver seems like another big, U.S. city, once you’ve been here for a while, it starts to shrink.

Maybe it’s the ample sunshine, the active lifestyle, or the delicious, high ABV craft beer, but most people here are friendly and open.

People in Denver aren’t going to brush past you with their eyes on the ground! They’ve come from all over and brought much of their home state’s culture with them. It’s a big melting pot of Midwestern friendliness, Southern hospitality, and Pacific Northwest chill.

The more you frequent your neighborhood coffee shop, the corner bar, even the grocery store a few blocks away – you’ll build a little community that asks how your morning is, knows how you take your whisky, and introduces you or invites you to join their social circle.

Brief Stints of Loneliness

But Denver lonely won’t hit you like Manhattan lonely, or Chicago mid-February lonely or LA make-it-or-break-it lonely. So many people come to Denver because it’s a less intimidating introduction to city life.

Streets are clean, people are healthy, the weather is great. When and if you feel particularly isolated, a quick hike around Red Rocks after work is enough to realign your perspective and reinvigorate your soul.

One thing’s for sure – moving to Denver alone is a worth-while adventure. You’ll make life-long friends, get a great new job, score a cool apartment in the city, and gain a new appreciation for the Colorado Lifestyle.

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