So you’re thinking about moving to Atlanta. Great choice! Whatever your age and interest, Atlanta has it all.

Famous attractions? Check.

Super shopping? Check.

Sports teams? Check.

World class medical centers? Check.

Renowned colleges and universities? Check.

Read on for our inside look at what to expect when moving to Atlanta.

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What Makes Atlanta the Best Place to Live

  • Economic opportunity- Atlanta has one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. You’ll find job opportunities with established companies and start-ups in all industries.
  • Atlanta winters – Once the summer ends, the beautiful weather begins. Even cold mornings in January can turn into balmy afternoons. The city shuts down at the mere threat of snow so you’ll enjoy your extra days off without being snowed in.
  • Southern hospitality – It’s true; people are friendlier and more gracious in the South. Once Yankees recover from the terrible shock of being greeted by total strangers, they may eventually come to like it.  And even the harshest statements sound gentler when said with a proper Southern drawl. Y’all come and visit now, y’hear?
  • Georgia foods – Think boiled peanuts, pecan pie, peaches, and Vidalia onions. And with the mild weather, you can barbeque outside well into December.
  • Nightlife – Atlanta doesn’t stop when it gets dark. You’ll have plenty of restaurants, bars and theaters to choose from. If you need a place to start, Underground Atlanta is a great choice.

So What Are Some of the Downsides to Atlanta?

  • Traffic – Remember all the growth we were talking about? The downside is the traffic that’s come because the highway infrastructure hasn’t kept up. Atlanta has the dubious distinction of being the 11th most congested city in the country. Plan ahead to avoid high traffic times of day or account for extra travel time.
  • The heat – Summer in Atlanta can last from May to October. It gets hot, and it stays hot. At the height of the summer, even the nights offer no relief. And did we mention the humidity?
  • Palmetto bugs – That’s a fancy name for our cockroaches. They don’t nest in your house, but they do wander in from outside, and they’re BIG. Make sure you add “find an exterminator” to your list of move-in tasks.
  • It’s not cheap – Atlanta is a big city, and the prices reflect that. Expect the average cost of an apartment to be around $1600 per month. Food, attractions, and sporting events are a bit higher, too.

Things Atlanta Locals Know that You Might Not

  • How to have fun for less money – Locals know the tricks and tips to pay less for Atlanta entertainment, from sports to the arts.
    • The Gwinnett Stripers are Atlanta’s AAA baseball team. You can get tickets for $10 and watch the Braves’ top prospect baseball players.
    • Emory University teams don’t charge for most games.
    • Go to Atlanta on the Cheap to find the latest deals or freebies for tickets to theaters, Zoo Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium and more.
  • Get to the airport early – Atlantans are proud of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport in the world. But getting through the airport takes time. Even if you managed to avoid the traffic on the way to the airport, even if the security lines are miraculously short, it’s still a big, sprawling complex.
  • Kroger is singular – For the inexperienced, Kroger is one of Atlanta’s most popular grocery chains. But don’t call it Krogers.

Must-Haves for Moving to Atlanta

  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen – You’ll want to take advantage of Atlanta’s many, many parks, trails, and sporting events, but come prepared. Nothing will ruin your outing like becoming fodder for the next generation of mosquitoes.  
  • Rain boots –  It rains a lot in Atlanta, but rain boots will keep your feet dry and warm. Think of it as your next fashion accessory.
  • WAZE – A great navigation app that will help you avoid traffic, and just as importantly, save you from getting lost. At last count, over 71 streets in Atlanta had some version of “Peachtree” in their name!

Things You Don’t Need in Atlanta

  • Ice-scraper – The city shuts down for the tiniest forecast of snow. If it actually snows, you can stay put until it melts.
  • Snow shovel – See above.
  • Pepsi – This is Coca-cola land. Yes, you can buy Pepsi here, but why would you want to?

The Atlanta Housing Landscape

  • With Atlanta’s warm weather, most apartment buildings have rooftop or courtyard pools, community grilling stations, and patios.
  • Looking for luxury? Nine out of 10 new Atlanta rentals qualified as “luxury,” so if you want high-end living, you’ll have your pick of the best in amenities and services. (Check out Best Luxury Apartments in Atlanta)
  • Pet families are welcome. Many, many Atlanta apartments will welcome your furry friend with you. Your pet may get amenities all his own like pet sitting, dog runs or a pet spa.
  • Rental prices are up despite the 6,900 new units built in 2018.
  • Demand for rentals is growing as increasing numbers of Atlantans are choosing to rent rather than buy. You may need help to find the best deal available in a tight market.

If you’re moving to Atlanta, we can help you find an apartment with zero stress. It’s the easiest way to rent an apartment, so stop searching and let us help you find your dream place. Learn more about the best way to find apartments in Atlanta here.

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