What to Know Before Moving to Dallas

“If you ever go to Dallas / Take the right-hand road,” sang Bob Dylan. Well, Bob, you can take just about any road in Dallas and land upon a new, cool neighborhood, restaurant, museum, or theatre. Whether Downtown, or in the ‘burbs, if you’re moving to Dallas, there’s a lot to know.

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What is Dallas Like?

Dallas is a vibrant city with a character that’s hard to capture in a few words. Think of designer duds and high-rises over cowboy boots and tumbleweeds (head to Ft. Worth for those). We’ve got history, sports, culture, and everything else you could want in a big city.

The weather here ranges from “I’m not even moving off my couch, it’s so hot out,” to “Didn’t I move to Texas to escape this cold?” But, the best part of Dallas is the variety. No matter your vibe or desires, there’s a place in Dallas for that.

What to Do in Dallas

There is no shortage of things to do in Dallas. From a day of playing frisbee in Klyde Warren park, to a night out in Deep Ellum, exploring local music, you can fill every hour of your day with fun activities. Each neighborhood offers its own attractions. Try the entertainment district in Downtown for museums and shows. Check out historical sites, such as the grassy knoll and the graves of Bonnie and Clyde. And live it up with eateries, music, and more in all the eclectic neighborhoods, like Bishop Arts District.

How to Blend in Like a Local 

If you want Dallas to feel like home, you’ll want to start living like a Dallas-ite. Opt for dressier clothing, even when visiting the grocery store or grabbing your morning coffee. Also, feel free to throw a few y’alls into your everyday conversations.

While it’s important to feel comfortable in Dallas, which means fitting into the neighborhood or groups you join, don’t be afraid to act like a tourist in your own city. Visit a new museum or concert or brewery or brunch place. Make it a priority to learn about this city that has so much to offer.

Finding a Job

It’s no lie, Dallas attracts some of the top companies in the world, who operate their headquarters in Downtown or the surrounding areas. From Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, to Bank of America, to AT&T and ExxonMobil, plenty of jobs for young professionals of every industry abound.

Medical professionals will also have no trouble finding a job in Dallas, with Baylor Scott and White, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Memorial Hospital, and the Children’s Medical Center all within easy commuting to downtown activities.

Cost of Living

For such a major US city, the cost of living in Dallas is relatively inexpensive when compared with hot spots like NYC or LA. For a 1-bedroom apartment, plan on budgeting a little over $2K per month for rent, utilities, and food. Don’t forget, Texas features several great perks that affect your wallet, including no state income tax, meaning more of your paycheck comes home.

The Dallas Housing Scene

Whether you prefer a studio right in the heart of the action, or a sprawling apartment on a quiet neighborhood street, Dallas has the perfect housing situation for you. Start by choosing the right neighborhood that jibes with your personality and needs. Check out some buildings and go on a few tours. Then, sign your lease and enjoy your new life in Dallas.

Find Your Dream Apartment in Dallas

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Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas

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