If you want to be one of the cool kids, you go out to brunch on the weekends. If you want to be cooler than the cool kids, you go out for dim sum instead. Characterized by small plates of dumplings, meats, and other snacks, this Chinese tradition started in tea houses, where patrons only wanted a small meal with their drinks and entertainment. Today, dim sum is widely available across Dallas and makes for the perfect yum cha (Cantonese brunch).

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Top 5 Dim Sum Restaurants in Dallas

Bushi Bushi Dim Sum Place

Address: 4930 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254

Neighborhood: Addison

Cost: $$

What to Order: On the dim sum menu, you can’t beat the soup dumplings. Try them with or without crab meat. The wontons in hot chili oil receive rave reviews, as do the Hong Kong style curry flat rice noodles.

What Makes this Place Special: Walking into the wide-open space, you’ll first notice the simplicity of Bushi Bushi. Start the meal and you’ll soon come to see the details are in their food. Every dish, dim sum or not, is Instagram worthy and tastes just as good as it looks. In this establishment, gone are the days of a hand-pushed cart delivering your dim sum. Today, that role is filled by Bushi Bushi’s very own robot waiter, adding a fun element to your meal.

Howard Wang’s Uptown

Address: 3223 Lemmon Ave #103, Dallas, TX 75204

Neighborhood: Uptown

Cost: $$

What to Order: Egg rolls, spring rolls, and wontons (oh, my!). The dim sum list here isn’t extensive, but it packs some heavy hitters, like Siu Mai, an open-faced dumpling with pork and shrimp. If you like spicy food, try the spicy Sichuan steamed wontons.

What Makes this Place Special: Uptown residents rejoice; this is one of the few Chinese restaurants in your neighborhood. The contemporary Chinese décor of Howard Wang’s Uptown will certainly put you in the mood for some amazing dim sum, as will the smells and tastes. Pro tips: the main plates are good for sharing family-style with friends, and there’s even a private event room you can rent out for the occasion.

Royal China Restaurant

Address: 6025 Royal Ln #201, Dallas, TX 75230

Neighborhood: North Dallas

Cost: $$

What to Order: Dumplings handmade from their dumpling bar. That’s right. They have a dedicated dumpling space and a sampler platter available because they offer so many flavors and styles. That platter and the gwa-bao (pork belly buns) are more than enough to sustain a dim sum lover here. But, the dry stirred beef is a local favorite you won’t want to miss, so go ahead and add that to your order too.

What Makes this Place Special: Royal China may seem unassuming tucked back in a shopping center, but it has been around since Buck Shu-Chang Kao first opened it in 1974. Today, it’s owned and run by Buck’s son George and George’s wife, April. It’s truly a family business with George greeting customers and April pulling noodles in the kitchen. And just like your home kitchen, you’ll find yourself coming back here again and again.

Tian Li Min Dim Sum

Address: 18101 Preston Rd #106, Dallas, TX 75252

Neighborhood: Far North Dallas

Cost: $$$

What to Order: Whether steamed, baked, or fried, there’s something for everyone on this extensive and almost exclusively dim sum menu. The chicken feet in abalone sauce are worthy of particular note, as are the golden lava and char Siu buns.

What Makes this Place Special: You’ll want to get to Li Min Dim Sum early on the weekends to avoid the line and catch their “legit” (as one Google reviewer put it) dim sum feast. The restaurant is newer and has a simple aesthetic, letting their food speak for them. Rumor has it, the chef is from San Francisco, which means they are sure to know good dim sum.

Fortune House Chinese Cuisine

Address: 8150 N MacArthur Blvd Suite 190, Irving, TX 75063

Neighborhood: Irving

Cost: $$

What to Order: While dim sum is certainly still on the menu, it’s worth still looking at the Small Bites of Shanghai. Try the sweet and sour baby ribs, shrimp and pork shumai, and the Chinese chive pockets.

What Makes this Place Special: This place has racked up the accolades, from being named one of the 50 Best Restaurants in Dallas by D Magazine in 2021, to being a Diner’s Choice on Open Table for 2022. Not to mention their D Magazine win for Best Dumplings of 2021. Overall, you can’t go wrong heading to Fortune House.

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