If you love the arts, then you should live in Dallas. Sure, there are plenty of museums and galleries to see, but you’ll be struck by the abundance of amazing Dallas street art when simply walking around the city. You can’t write these masterpieces off as “graffiti” – they represent high class artistry.

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Best Dallas Street Art

Deep Ellum

In 2020, Deep Ellum became a state-declared Cultural District. The 50+ examples of street art that live here more than justify that honor. Too many amazing artworks are on display in Deep Ellum to list here, but our shortlist mixes interesting classics with recent highlights to get you started. Keep in mind, Deep Ellum is a fluid district and not every artwork sticks around forever. Visit these soon!

Robot Versus Dinosaur

Address: Intersection of North Good Latimer and Elm

Spying this quirky mural by artist Frank Campagna indicates that you made it to Deep Ellum. Situated on the side of Louie Louie’s Piano Bar, the unassuming black and white robot scene sets the tone for the rest of your visit. (Seriously, just try to count the number of robots represented in Deep Ellum street art.) Campagna painted many murals throughout Dallas, and it’s definitely worth checking out more of his work.

Tattoo Artist Banners

Address: Various Street Poles Throughout Deep Ellum

As you walk around Deep Ellum to enjoy the art, don’t forget to look overhead at the street poles and the unique banners featured there. Put on display in February of 2022, this series of banners features tattoo designs from artists who work in Deep Ellum’s tattoo shops.

Blues Alley

Address: Behind The Stack at 2700 Commerce (w/ Planned Expansion Down Clover Street)

One of the most collaborative projects in Deep Ellum to date, Dan and Cathryn Colcer envisioned a project that would bring together local artists, business owners, and community members while showcasing the rich history of the area. Ten visionaries were chosen to add a unique mural to this series, which began in spring of 2021 and is still ongoing.


Downtown may not feature as many wall murals as Deep Ellum and other spots in the surrounding area, but some iconic artworks you should visit still stand here.


Address: 1601 Main Street

This 30-foot tall fiberglass eyeball from artist Tony Tasset rolled its way onto the scene in 2013. It was originally designed for an art show in Chicago, and eventually it made its way into the private collection of the Joule Hotel, who placed the work in their sculpture garden on Main Street in Downtown Dallas. Rumors abound as to why they chose this work, but overall Tony admits he just wanted to make something fun.

Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive

Address: Corner of Griffin and Young Streets

Situated across a 4.2-acre site in Downtown, near the Dallas Convention Center, these larger-than-life statues will command your attention. The artwork consists of three cowboys on horses herding 40 longhorn steers. Artist Robert Summers (from almost-local Glen Rose, Texas) created the statues to honor the history of settlers coming to the DFW area. Pioneer Plaza is the second most visited plaza in Dallas (behind Dealey Plaza, of course).

Bishop Arts District

Although not boasting the same volume of murals as Deep Ellum, the Bishop Arts District houses equally important, classic, and Instagrammable murals throughout its cozy, business-lined streets.

Love Equation

Address: 504 N Madison Ave

One of the best-known murals in Dallas is also one of the simplest. Created by Daniel Garcia, Mario Garcia, and Janet Aguirre, this mural packs a big punch for you to see with your significant other or favorite friend. The staircase is located on the side of Below Zero. Stand on either side of the + and ask a third friend to snap the pic. Pro tip: get there early in the day to avoid cars in your photos.

United We Stand

Address: Intersection of N Madison Ave and W 7th St

There is no greater power than unity. That idea inspired Agustin Chavez’ mural in the Bishop Arts District. As a lettering specialist, the artist kept the mural simple, with block and script fonts punctuated by emoji-style hands of every shade.

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Old East Dallas Street Art

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