Whether you want a pour-over made with on-site roasted beans, or the perfect sustainably sourced affogato to satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s a coffee shop or café for everyone in Dallas. As a city on the go, we take our coffee very seriously. Maybe that’s why WalletHub listed Dallas as the 30th best city in the nation in which to find the perfect brew.

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Our 5 Favorite Cafes in Dallas

LDU Coffee To Go

Neighborhood: Knox-Henderson

Address: 2650 N Fitzhugh Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75204

What Makes this Place Special: Started by two self-described “hairy Australian men who happen to be brothers,” LDU Coffee to Go is an espresso-lover’s paradise. The Fitzhugh location opened first in 2017. But the duo ran several successful businesses prior to that date in their native Australia. Their coffee isn’t your typical Italian roast. They describe their Australian take on espresso as “faster, bolder, heavier in texture, more flavorsome, and more consistent.” They operate primarily as a To-Go establishment, so don’t bring your laptop to stick around. They want to get you on your way with the perfect coffee in your hand.

What to Order: A double espresso is a great way to start the morning. But, the Cortado (nicknamed Magicman) is noteworthy as well. On the food side, fans adore the Toasted Banana Bread, and don’t skip out on the cutely named “Yolk O Oh No” Grilled Sandwich. Not into coffee that particular day? You can also relax with a nice Iced Lemongrass Ginger Tea.

Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

Neighborhood: South Dallas – Fair Park

Address: 819 Exposition Ave, Dallas, TX 75226

What Makes this Place Special: In the coffee world, a “coyote” acts as a type of middleman who buys low from farmers and then charges a surplus to stores. A noble coyote serves as a middleman who invests in the farmers they buy from, supporting them and adding an element of sustainability to the coffee. Marta and Kevin Sprague, the folks at Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters, started the micro-roastery and coffee lab in 2011. While it is part coffee shop, the location also focuses on bringing the barista experience home with their Brew Better Coffee education series.

What to Order: They offer up a not-to-be-missed “roaster’s choice” daily. The Mocha is also a delicious concoction, consisting of a mocha latte with chocolate made by a local chocolatier. Don’t forget to pick up a bag of fresh roasted beans on your way out!

Otto’s Coffee & Fine Foods

Neighborhood: Downtown

Address: 1321 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202

What Makes this Place Special: This coffee haven sits inside the gorgeous Adolphus Hotel. It’s a sophisticated Viennese-style café with single-origin coffees acquired through local company Full City Rooster Coffee Roasters. Along with espresso, Otto’s offers a full lunch and breakfast menu. Take a seat and relax at one of the sleek wood and marble tables, or walk up to the to-go window on Commerce Street. You’ll definitely become a repeat customer at Otto’s.

What to Order: Start your Otto’s adventure off with their awesome Nitro Cold Brew before heading into your meal. The Liege Waffle is by and large the best menu item, but the rest of their pastries (made fresh by an in-house team on the daily) are tempting as well. Try some of their seasonal offerings, like the cold weather Coffee Horchata or Holiday Churros.

Houndstooth Coffee

Neighborhood: West Dallas

Address: 1878 Sylvan Ave e150, Dallas, TX 75208

What Makes this Place Special: Need a coffee? Head to Houndstooth on Sylvan. Need a cocktail? Head to Houndstooth on Sylvan. Serving coffee and alcohol, this coffee-lover’s paradise features baristas trained by nationally recognized industry professionals. They are committed to coffee and to the community that they serve with a friendly smile. Don’t forget to take in the space, once named the most beautiful coffee shop in Texas by Architectural Digest.

What to Order: A nice tall pour of their daily brew is the perfect thing here. The espresso is also world-class. If you’re looking to mix it up, the Matcha and Chai are excellent. For a late-night treat, try the house favorite cocktail, the red-headed Oaxacan.

La La Land Kind Cafe

: Turtle Creek

Address: 3330 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

What Makes this Place Special: A self-proclaimed “place where kindness is a priority,” La La Land is more than it appears. The cheery white and yellow décor will charm you, and you’ll be ordering seconds on their coffee and food. But what will really keep you coming back is their initiative to help youth in the foster program. Their Dallas locations hire youth who have aged out of the foster program and need help starting a life for themselves. And, they definitely have some of the friendliest baristas around!

What to Order: Not too sweet, not too bitter, their espresso drinks land just right on the tongue. Try a latte with oat milk. The Matcha here is also fantastic. And while it’s simple, their Avocado Toast topped with a boiled egg is the subject of no less than 31 Google reviews, which means it’s definitely worth a try.

Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas

Residents Enjoy the Best Coffee Shops in Dallas

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