Dallas is a popular city with a strong economy, diverse arts, and affordable housing. How do we know people love Dallas so much? The numbers don’t lie. Between 2010 and 2020, Dallas-Fort Worth was one of only three American cities to add more than 1.2 million residents. In addition, at least 140 major companies have moved their headquarters to Dallas and the surrounding area in that time. 

Once you’re a Dallas resident, you’ll want to start living like a local. Get a jumpstart on Dallas life with these handy tips and tricks.

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Noteworthy Things About Dallas

What Makes Living in Dallas the Best?

Convenient Commuting

Whether you’re looking to get across town or leave the country entirely, Dallas has you covered with convenient commuting. The DART bus and train systems connect downtown and suburban residents to everything Dallas has to offer. Looking to get farther away? DFW Airport and LOVE Field are major transportation hubs offering easy access to domestic and international destinations.


It cannot be ignored—Dallas is a sports-lover’s dream city. From Downtown’s American Airlines Center (hosting both the Dallas Mavs and the Dallas Stars), to the Texas Rangers Stadium and Cowboys AT&T Stadium (both a short drive away), we offer live events for all your favorite sports. In addition to the local teams, the city also brings in special sporting events, such as boxing, WWE, cheering, dance, NASCAR, and more.

A Blue Dot

Dallas is a primarily Democratic-leaning (blue) city in a Republican-led (red) state. If politics are important to you, this is a good fact to know because it influences how the city is run and the type of companies and people the city attracts.

History Is in the Air

Dallas plays an important role in the history of the United States. From its promotion of the cotton, leather, and cattle trades, to being the assassination site of JFK, there’s plenty of history to soak up in the surrounding area. Take a visit to Dallas Heritage Village, a collection of buildings from 1840-1910. Catch a flick in the historic Lakewood, Majestic, or Texas theatres. Breathe in the rich history of this wonderful city.

So, Why Doesn’t Everyone Live Here?

Pretentious Reputation

Dallas has been labeled as a city of $30K Millionaires—people who earn low, but constantly try to look richer than they are. There was once an Uptown bar with the motto, “Keep Dallas Pretentious.” While the vibe in the city has changed considerably over the past decade, some remnants of this attitude linger (we just ignore them.)

Don’t Get on the Highways

While DART transportation is a convenience in this city, the highway system is just as bad as any metropolis. If you plan on driving out of or into the city each morning and evening for work, then you’ll definitely encounter traffic. Even with many people working from home these days, the traffic (and construction) has kept up pace.

Things Locals Know about Living in Dallas That You May Not

The State Fair of Texas

In South Dallas sits Fair Park, home of the State Fair of Texas. While this may seem like a touristy event to avoid, every local knows how to enjoy the fair without the crowds and inconvenience. Keep a lookout for discount admission days, avoid going when school is out, and remember to try all the amazing food that makes the State Fair special.

There’s More North Than South

If you want to escape the city, head to the suburbs. There’s more to do in well-established far North Dallas than in far South Dallas, which is still developing. Addison is a restaurant lover’s paradise. Frisco holds attractions like the Dr. Pepper Ballpark and IKEA (hey, don’t pretend that isn’t a tourist destination). There’s plenty to explore North of the city when you need a break from Downtown.


Heels over Cowboy Boots

Dallas is not the country rodeo some people imagine it to be. While you can definitely break out your boots and a cowboy hat in Fort Worth, Dallas is a place for more business casual looks. Try shopping at the flagship Neiman Marcus Downtown to get some ideas of what Dallas style is like.

Start Saying Y’all

While cowboy boots and big hair are out, Dallas is still a southern city, and speaking the local dialect can help you fit in. Don’t force it, but don’t be scared to throw out a friendly “thanks y’all” as you leave a store. You might also find yourself picking up sayings, such as “have a blessed day” (a sincere farewell) and “oh, bless their heart” (translation: they’re an idiot).

Finding a Place to Live in Dallas

The Housing Scene

Something for Everyone

No single housing type reigns supreme in Dallas. Head Downtown, and you’ll be living the high-rise life. Walk a few blocks out to Deep Ellum for a loft. Head north to Uptown for a townhome. No matter your living style, the perfect building awaits you somewhere in Dallas.

Residences Surround the City

Whether you’re in highly residential Northeast Dallas, or walking the quiet neighborhoods of Kessler around the Bishop Arts District, plenty of areas represent a mix of renting and owning. It’s easy to live close to the conveniences of the city while experiencing the suburban life.

Mixed-Use Spaces

As Dallas grows, developers have renewed their focus on creating mixed-use buildings and campuses. Some, like the renovation of the Maple Terrace building in Turtle Creek, are reboots of older buildings repurposed to house office and residential spaces. Others, like the planned expansion of Knox Street toward the Katy Trail, are sprawling campuses with walkable eateries, retail, apartments, and office space grouped together for convenience.

Learn more about Where to Live in Dallas in our informative neighborhood guides.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas

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