When you think of Austin, a few things come to mind instantly: live music, longhorns, breakfast tacos, Willie Nelson, and, of course, food trucks. While you can now find these portable dining solutions in Anytown, USA, the culinary movement basically originated in Austin, and it still reigns as one of the top destinations for anyone looking to make their name in the food truck scene. It’s not surprising then, that when it comes to the best food in the city, much of it rolls around on wheels, from the Migas tacos of your dreams, to a brisket burger that will make your mouth water. Check out our list of the best food trucks in Austin for our top picks!  

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Where to Find Austin’s Best Food Trucks


Neighborhood: North Burnet 

If Austin makes you feel land-locked, dig into the dishes at Huckleberry and pretend that’s an ocean view you see. This food truck specializes in coastal seafood favorites, like Po’Boys and Hot Fish Sandwiches — and they sustainably source all of their proteins. The service is as exceptional as the fried shrimp, which you must dip in a heavy dose of their powerhouse lemon caper remoulade. Should you still need another reason to dive into the seafood splendor, Huckleberry is parked right outside Circle Brewing Company, which means you can pair your meal with a pitcher of some of the best craft beer in the city. 

What to Eat: Their Blue Crab ‘Dilla (yes, that’s short for quesadilla) mixes the best of the Gulf Coast with the classic Tex-Mex flavors of the Lone Star state. 

Granny’s Tacos

Neighborhood: La Holly & Blackshear-Prospect Hill 

Restaurant Overview: As soon as you park your car within the vicinity of one of Granny’s trucks, you can literally follow the delicious smell of tortillas straight to the source. One of Austin’s local secrets, Granny’s can do no wrong when it comes to tacos — whether of the breakfast variety, like their sensational take on the classic Migas, or a heartier dinner, such as their Rico taco, which contains chicken drenched in their signature mole sauce. The trailer’s atmosphere reflects the casual, familial dining style, with plenty of outdoor seating, decked with umbrellas, and inviting you to grab an extra order of guac and stay awhile. 

What to Eat: Their Chilaquil taco takes the classic Mexican breakfast and ups it by making it portable. Order it like a local and ask for a mix of red and green sauces as a topping.  


Neighborhood: Downtown & Central Austin 

Restaurant Overview: Texas is known for its beef — longhorns are a state symbol afterall! This fact makes the popularity of vegan comfort food truck, Arlo’s, even more impressive: in a city where you can get some of the best burgers around, time-and-time again, you’ll still choose their plant-based takes over the real shebang. In fact, at both of their locations — one at bar and good times venue, Cheer Up Charlie’s, and the other at music venue and comedy haven, Spider House — patrons commonly proclaim they didn’t even know the truck was vegan until someone pointed it out to them. Between their burgers, Mac N Cheeze, and all veggie-take on Frito Pie, their food will soak up a night of drinking, without the meat sweat hangover. 

What to Eat: The Bac’n Cheezeburger is Arlo’s signature item for a reason — every gooey, decadent bite will have you questioning the point of remaining a carnivore. 

Milky Way Shakes 

Neighborhood: La Holly 

Restaurant Overview: We all know that no meal is complete without dessert, and milkshake food truck, Milky Way Shakes, will make sure that you can get your daily serving of chocolate. They don’t dish up ice cream from your standard, broken McFlurry machine. All of their shakes are vegan, made from a special in-house blend of almond milk and coconut milk. Whatever flavors your sweet tooth prefers, their menu includes a shake that matches. For chocolate lovers, the Grackle Massacre, with fudge, caramel, cinnamon, and chipotle, will provide a sugary contrast to its slightly-morbid name. And, if you venture more towards fruit-based treats, the Wonka-inspired shake, The Violet, will satisfy you with blueberry compote, lavender, and meringue. 

What to Eat: The Oreo Borealis, made with mint, oreos, and fudge, and topped with glitter star sprinkles, will take your tastebuds out-of-this-world. 

Leroy and Lewis Barbecue 

Neighborhood: St. Edwards

Restaurant Overview: When it comes to barbecue in the Lone Star state, it’s hard to beat South Austin food truck, Leroy and Lewis Barbecue. Don’t just take our word for it though — their recent ranking as the 5th best place in the entire state to chow down on barbecue by BBQ connoisseurs, Texas Monthly, confirms what their cult-like following already knew. The long lines and daily sell-outs only offer further proof. Get there early to sample whatever special makes its way onto their ever-changing menu. To up the ante, they source all of their meats from ranches in Texas with high-standards, and the incredible bites that result will put any brisket you’ve ever made to shame. 

What to Eat: Their L and L Burger, made with a smoked brisket patty and topped with grilled onions, pickles, and special sauce, will literally make you lick your fingers. 

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