What to Know Before Moving to Austin

You’ve done it. You decided to move to “The Live Music Capital of The World.” In the months and weeks leading up to the big move, though, you’ll probably feel a bit overwhelmed, tending to all the details of this significant change. You’ll find yourself wondering, “What exactly needs to be done before I leave?” Whether you’re moving to Austin from across the country or from inside the Lone Star State, transitioning from a current residence to the next can be tough without prior preparation. Luckily, we put together a convenient checklist to help guide you through your move to ATX. 

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1. Research Austin Rental Rates

Looking for prospective job opportunities in ATX? Already lined up a new position? Either way, the cost of renting should be a primary concern. Look into the average cost of rent in your ideal location in Austin (here’s where a realistic monthly budget will come in handy). Ask yourself questions, such as, is that cost feasible? Are there more budget friendly areas in town? 

In addition to rental rates in a variety of potential areas of Austin (South Austin, downtown, Hyde Park, North Loop, Muller, etc.), your research should include the cost of living in the city more generally. What are the costs of food, clothing, taxes, and medical care in Austin? Budgeting is key when it comes to moving into your new digs. 


2. Investigate What the Different Areas of Austin Offer

Are you a foodie? More of an arts person? How important is having a home within walking distance of Lady Bird Lake? Do you hike often? Your answers to questions like these ones will dictate which areas of Austin appeal to you the most. Our city boasts an eclectic mix of people and places to choose from with options aplenty. When learning what you need to know before moving to Austin, investigate the various neighborhoods of this multifaceted Texas town with the help of our Austin neighborhood guides. Determine what you need to maintain your current or ideal lifestyle and decide accordingly. 

3. Visit ATX Beforehand

Plan a trip to Austin prior to the big move so that you can Tour Austin Like a Local and see potential apartments. While here, you can experience the city, tour neighborhoods, check out some top-rated restaurants, and see potential places in person. Residential spaces can look much different online than in person, so take this opportunity to check out the buildings that initially caught your eye.

4. Decide If the Culture Is a Good Fit 

Austin, a quirky city with a lot to offer its diverse residents, feels like a big city, but with small-town charm. Our informal slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” testifies to the quirky arts environment, including our sizable music scene. But, you will discover so much more than just weirdness. Outdoorsy activities, a booming technology sector, and adorable dogs fill Austin’s unique landscape. During your visit to ATX, explore the culture. Does the city suit you and your values? Moving to Austin can feel like a leap of faith until you experience the culture for yourself and envision yourself immersed in it. Get the full Inside Scoop on Living in Austin.

5. Establish a Support System 

Of course, your new job will be a great place to meet friends. But before moving, it’s vital to create a support network of people to connect with in a new city. If you don’t know anyone in Austin just yet, how can you meet other people to cultivate those relationships? What communities would you like to be a part of? In what ways can you begin to connect with those individuals? Gyms, group fitness classes (barre, yoga, kickboxing, CrossFit, etc.), and communities centered around your hobbies are a great place to start.  

6. Set Up All of Your Essential Services

Some of the less glamorous tasks of moving include finding a new doctor, new dentist, new ophthalmologist. Take note of any and all health service professionals you need lined up. If you own a pet, you will also need to find a trustworthy vet in your area. Gather all the documentation needed from previous service providers to take with you as well. Also, don’t forget to register to vote!

7. Celebrate the Move 

After you pick your new home and make the all-important decision about where to call home, it’s time to move in and celebrate. This meaningful moment should be recognized as such, so put on a good playlist, and start unpacking. Invite new acquaintances, old friends, and new coworkers over for a housewarming party, or grab some drinks nearby. Whatever your style, do something to commemorate this life transition. 

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