Dallas has undoubtedly become one of the most talked-about cities in the U.S in recent years. For multiple years in a row, the Dallas economy has been booming as new jobs become available due to the recent influx of corporations building headquarters in the city. Read on to discover 5 reasons everyone wants to move to Dallas these days. 

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1. Career Opportunities

As previously mentioned, Dallas now serves as a business hub. Whether you desire a career in a creative, tech, or business field, Dallas offers almost any career opportunities that you can dream up.

The city acts as a hotspot for all sorts of start up businesses and attracts qualified professionals who recently graduated from college. Dallas ranks as one of the most employed cities in the nation, so the likelihood of getting hired is high for any desired position type.

Businesses are relocating and expanding their operations here, and the trend will likely continue for years as the city’s economy grows. In addition to its startup and tech culture, Dallas is a great place to start a career in a skilled trade, such as real estate, or in other traditional, corporate jobs.

2. Lots of Things to Do 

Southern hospitality is rich in Dallas. Living in Texas is like joining one big family, and its community culture defines the city. Dallas, therefore, provides a never-ending list of things to do, especially for sports fans.

They have a major league team for almost every sport, so you can attend events year round. The Texas State Fair, the largest in the United States, also calls Dallas home. On average, it attracts at least 2 million people each year.

3. Lots of Food to Eat

Tons of restaurants operate in Dallas. Popular dishes in the Texan city include anything deep fried and smothered in barbeque sauce. Check out Slow Bone on Irving Blvd for some of the best barbeque in downtown Dallas. 

4. Easy to travel to and from Dallas

It’s an easy drive from Dallas to other Texas cities, like Houston or Austin. Or, hop on a flight to any major U.S. city via the Fort Worth International Airport. You can catch a flight to most U.S. cities and arrive within 2 – 4 hours.

If you frequently travel outside of the country, this airport is perfect for you. If you travel less often and need a less crowded airport, head to the Dallas Love Field Airport located closer to downtown. 

5. No State or Local Income Tax

More than just about anything else, the lack of a state income tax draws new residents to Texas. In Dallas, there’s also no local income tax, meaning you keep more of your paycheck compared to living in a city like Chicago. 

The perks of living in Dallas keep getting better – you can find your dream career, live in your dream apartment, and keep the general cost of living low without any state or local income taxes!  

Dallas Skyline

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Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas

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