Welcome to AptAmigo’s Spotlight Series, where we highlight some of the amazing people who make up our team. We’ll be chatting with people who work in a variety of roles, so check back often or view the entire series.  

Connor Meyette, Director of Sales in our Denver and Austin markets, could rival an encyclopedia with his wealth of management knowledge. He is well-known in the office for his unwavering positivity and his innate mentorship skills. You won’t meet anyone who wants success for their teams as much as Connor does. He excels in our collaborative company culture, inspiring everyone around him to work hard, ask questions, and come in with a positive mindset for success. 

Connor did not immediately find his way into real estate when he first joined the workforce: “My first job out of college was at a big transportation company; it’s your typical story of get out of school and start grinding everyday, all day. I learned a lot from my experience there, but at the end of the day, I knew that I didn’t want a career in logistics. I ended up quitting without a backup job, and that was the perfect timing for me to go backpacking across Europe for the better part of three months. After that amazing trip, I moved back to Colorado and started looking for a job. I knew from the get-go I did not want to work for a massive company again. One of my biggest frustrations with big companies is that all your hard work goes unnoticed, and it’s such a defeating feeling at the end of the day. Thankfully, I found the start-up atmosphere I had been looking for in AptAmigo. I was interviewed by people not only in the Denver office, but also the entire leadership team in Chicago, and I knew this place was where I wanted to be.”

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Connor moved up from sales rep to sales manager, all the way to his current position as the Director of Sales for the Austin and Denver markets! Though his title has changed, he still gets to do what he loves most: manage and mentor. He explains, “What excites me about my position is that I’m now coaching managers to manage their people. I remember when I was new to management – Danny (our CFO) was constantly giving me feedback and advice for how to be successful in the role. I took that advice to heart and put it into practice, inserting it into my day-to-day efforts and watching the reps succeed. Now, I have the chance to do the exact thing Danny did for me. When my managers come to me with any frustrations, needing advice, or asking what to do in a certain situation, I’m always ready to help, to listen, and to problem solve.”

With Connor’s extensive experience in management and mentoring, he is more than happy to share his management tips with anyone looking to get into leadership positions: “One of the most important things you can do as a manager is come in with a positive mindset. I love coming into the office every single day, telling the reps as well as the managers that the ‘phones are hot,’ and they’re going to make amazing calls and make a difference today. Whether it’s real estate, or any other industry, sales will always ebb and flow. You’re going to have good days, and you’re going to have bad days. What needs to stay consistent is your mindset, and a positive mindset will always create good outcomes. 

Additionally, one of the first lessons I learned in management is that not everyone is going to be the same as you. Their minds don’t work in the same way as yours does, which simply means you have to adapt and get to know them. Learn what makes them tick and ask them, ‘How do you like to be managed?’ And, ‘What makes you more successful?’ That’s what teamwork is: building a roadmap to success for the both of you.”

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