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Vanessa Inaba is a model for what a successful real estate agent looks like. From touring agent, to real estate agent, and now senior real estate agent, she proves again and again that she can find the perfect apartment for her clients, no matter what obstacle stands in her way. Vanessa masterfully balances her independent drive to succeed with her unwavering support for her team. She always makes herself available to lend a helping hand or give advice to her fellow agents, solving problems quickly with some of the best instincts in the real estate industry.

Vanessa had an inkling that she would work in real estate from a young age: “When I was a little kid, I was a little bit of a weird kid. I loved watching HGTV, and that’s all I would watch. So, I’ve always had an interest in real estate, but I wanted to really explore all of my career options throughout the years. I worked in the corporate world, but realized I wanted more of a client-facing role. I was a teaching assistant for a little bit, thinking that I was going into education. I thought about going into psychiatry and therapy. It’s cheesy, but I wanted a job where I was helping people. During the pandemic, Selling Sunset came out, so I watched the show and realized that THAT’S what I wanted to do! This realization played on interests I’ve had for a really long time, and that’s when I stumbled upon AptAmigo. I worked as a touring agent so I could get a feel for the real estate industry without fully committing. My interest in real estate only grew stronger with each tour, so I decided to take on a more active role and became a sales rep.”

With her varied experience in such different industries, Vanessa brings a new perspective to the senior real estate agent role. She explains how, “With real estate, there is this reputation that every agent is super extroverted, outgoing, social, talkative, etc. However, because I am more of an introvert, I believe it helps me connect with my clients a bit more. I am really good at one-on-one interactions and listening, so when I interact with clients, I get to know them on a deeper level. For me, getting to know them outside of just what they are looking for in their next apartment, such as their lifestyles, backgrounds, and what they do outside of their apartment, helps me find a better fit for them.”

Despite her introverted side, Vanessa loves working with her team: “Here at AptAmigo, we’re all super supportive and collaborative. We have a startup culture where everyone is able to voice their ideas and be heard. It’s an amazing place to be because we have so many people from so many different backgrounds, and we’re all able to work cohesively and make a difference. Everyone is so personable and fun. My friends in other industries are shocked when I tell them that I hang out with my team outside of work! 

In the end, I love real estate because I find fulfillment knowing that I am helping someone find their next home. I meet incredible people every day with each new client and new coworker. I’ve always known that I wanted a job where I was actively contributing positivity to people’s lives. That makes my job so rewarding and is something that I want to do for the rest of my life.”     

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