A Revolutionary Apartment Locating Service

AptAmigo was founded on the belief that apartment locating should be transparent and stress-free.

Co-founder and CEO, Dan Willenborg, created AptAmigo in 2015 as an apartment review site where residents could leave their honest reviews about apartment buildings. His experiences with the shortcomings of traditional apartment brokers revealed the need for AptAmigo to bring transparency and responsiveness to the industry (read here for the inside scoop on flaws in the rental industry). AptAmigo is now a full service apartment locating agency that pairs clients with their dream apartments—at no cost!

What does AptAmigo do?

As a team-based apartment locating company, AptAmigo provides VIP service to the stressed out apartment hunter. Anyone can reach out to AptAmigo and provide information, like lifestyle, amenity preferences, location, and budget, and the sales team will create a list of apartments that will be perfect for you. Once you send your favorite choices back, the operations team will schedule a day of tours to each. On the day of tours, an AptAmigo touring agent will join you throughout the process so that you have someone with you during an important decision-making process. AptAmigo will Uber/Lyft you to each apartment building and even buy you coffee on long days.

We receive compensation from the apartment buildings when a lease is signed, so it’s absolutely free for you.

Zero stress. VIP service. Totally free. Guaranteed.

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment, reach out to AptAmigo, so we can find the apartment that makes the best fit for you.

Are you relocating from out of state or too busy to take a day of tours? AptAmigo offers ‘sight unseen’ tours, where one of their touring agents will go to each building in your place and send you videos of the units and building amenities .

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If you’re looking for an apartment in in any of our cities, get in contact with us and let us help you find your dream apartment. Learn more here.

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