Like most industries, the rental industry has its flaws. While you’ve probably spent a good bit of time searching for rentals, you might not be privy to these little-known flaws of the rental industry. We’re here to answer a few questions (that you’ve probably already asked yourself). If you’re tired of searching, and want to get a free personal assistant for your apartment search, click here to learn more.


Why Are There SO MANY Listings?

Up to 50% of rental listings are expired…

Many listings online are fake, and are posted in order to collect data, capture your phone number, or steer you towards a less-desirable property. If they’re not fake, up to 50% of rental listings are expired, and are no longer available.

Why Is Staff So Hard to Reach?

Leasing agents and front desk staff have a busy schedule, and answering the phone is often the first task that gets the axe. Most times, you’ll be connected to off-site staff who don’t have accurate information, and can’t answer your specific questions.

Is This Even the Same Apartment?

Sure, it’s a photo of an apartment. But is it this apartment? Pictures are incredibly hard to trust, and frequently the unit you actually see is not the unit in the picture.

How Am I Supposed to Know Which Neighborhood to Live In?

If you aren’t familiar with the city, choosing a neighborhood becomes a shot in the dark. You might as well throw a dart at the map.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

There’s no way to know what unexpected problems will arise after move-in until it’s far too late. (Paper-thin walls, sirens, bad water pressure, and scattered management to name a few.) There are few things worse than hating your apartment, but being forced to wait another 10 months until your lease ends.

Industry professionals never use search sites. They’re unreliable, filled with scams, and quite simply- not a good way to find an apartment. So, how do industry insiders find an apartment? Well, they usually know which one they want based on word-of-mouth and recommendations. But the problem is: if you’re moving, there’s a good chance you don’t have anyone who can offer informed recommendations.

AptAmigo’s goal is to overcome these issues. We’re a friend in the process, and we think everyone deserves to love where they live. Since 2015 we’ve placed over 2,000 people in their dream homes, and perfected the apartment searching process. We’ve seen it all, done it all, and come out the other side eager to help people find their dream homes with absolutely zero stress. 

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