Scholarship Overview

AptAmigo is excited to announce the official launch of its first company scholarship. The AptAmigo Innovation Scholarship will be awarded to an aspiring entrepreneur, who is eager to make a change in the real estate or tech industries. 

After struggling with the traditional broker model, co-founder and CEO, Dan Willenborg, launched AptAmigo with the goal of creating the best place to start and build a career in real estate. Since launching as a startup in 2015, Inc. magazine named AptAmigo one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies

“At AptAmigo, we thrive on innovation,” says Willenborg. “Our hope is to inspire and support the next generation of entrepreneurs by empowering them to further their education.”

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Eligibility Criteria 

The AptAmigo Innovation Scholarship will award one undergraduate student with $500. Students with a passion for innovation and an interest in pursuing a career in the areas of real estate and/or technology are encouraged to apply.

Application Requirements

To apply, students must submit an essay demonstrating where their entrepreneurial spirit comes from and how they plan to apply their passion for innovation. Applicants must explain how the core skills that drive innovation, such as problem-solving and creativity, shape their approach to entrepreneurship and influence their professional goals. 

Scholarship Timeline

The deadline for the AptAmigo Innovation Scholarship is March 1, 2022. We will announce a winner on April 1, 2022.

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About AptAmigo

AptAmigo is a dedicated apartment locator with a simple goal: to make finding an apartment easy and maybe even a little fun. With concierge-level service and a deep understanding of the local rental market, AptAmigo gives renters an effortless and free alternative to a traditionally time-consuming and stressful process. Since launching in 2015, AptAmigo has served thousands of renters in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Nashville. Today, AptAmigo is not only a leading apartment locator, but also one of the best ways to start and build a career in real estate. For more information, visit AptAmigo’s homepage.