Welcome to AptAmigo’s Spotlight Series, where we highlight some of the amazing people who make up our team. We’ll be chatting with people who work in a variety of roles, so check back often or view the entire series.  

Hannah Dorn brings passion and ferocity to the AptAmigo team on a daily basis. In her role as Sales Manager, she oversees her Chicago team to ensure that each team member is clear on their objectives, achieves their sales goals, and feels confident and supported in their position. She goes above and beyond to inspire and emphasizes a collaborative team dynamic. 

Before she made her way to AptAmigo, Hannah started her real estate career at a traditional brokerage firm: “I was just leaving a tour for this brokerage firm when I got a text from my friend Sean Roberts, and he said, ‘Hey, I have to connect you with one of the heads (Danny Wolfson) of this new company I work for. You two have to talk.’ I decided to go ahead and call Danny, and I had no idea I was being interviewed. Everything Danny was telling me about AptAmigo and how their process works sounded too good to be true, but Sean promised me that it was all real and true. I went from ‘there’s no way I’m leaving my brokerage’ to ‘I don’t think I can stay in apartment leasing if I don’t work for AptAmigo,’ and that’s how I ended up here!”

“I truly feel like I was made to be a Sales Manager at AptAmigo.”

Hannah’s consistent success and positive attitude led to her promotion from Sales Agent to Sales Manager in only 6 months! Her emotions during that experience say it all: “On my first day at AptAmigo, right from the get-go, I said that I wanted to be training people and managing. I put in the work and got on our team’s leaderboard many times. It was easy for me to be successful with AptAmigo’s process. I didn’t think I was going to get promoted when I walked into Danny’s office for what I thought was going to be a typical check-in meeting. Then Danny said, ‘So, are you ready to be a manager? Cause guess what? You’re a manager.’ I cried a little bit and assured Danny they were happy tears, and it was one of the most exciting moments of my career.”

Besides the abundant growth opportunities at AptAmigo, there are many other reasons why Hannah loves her job: “This is the first time I’ve had a job where I get to use all of my inherent natural skills. I get to problem solve, connect with my team, and collaborate and work with clients to ensure their best experience. I am so fulfilled by my work. I’m passionate about my work. I have a team that I get to celebrate with and laugh with every day, and you can’t ask for more than that.”

Her teammates have incredible things to say about her as well:

Hannah joined the sales team with some previous leasing experience. As an agent, she continuously strived to expand her knowledge and perfect the sale. Her competitive drive to be the best agent/manager/team and her passion for the company pours over to all of her team members, making her a dream to work with!” Joe Petramale, Director of Sales 

Hannah is an amazing manager. She is so in-tune with our team and is always there to support us, no matter the time of day.” Vanessa Inaba, Senior Sales Rep 

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