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AptAmigo brings quality real estate services to the rental market, specializing in the best luxury apartments in major cities across the country. We fill a gap left by traditional real estate models that emphasize buy and sell properties, whether commercial or residential. Now, renters can receive the same personalized, hands-on attention as buyers and sellers in a client-oriented setting that gives our real estate experts some tangible advantages in the industry.

Many job seekers interested in real estate have no idea where to begin. Others feel apprehensive about whether they can overcome the challenges of starting out in real estate. As an employer, AptAmigo lays out clear paths into the industry that don’t require years of experience or high overhead costs before attaining some level of success.

AptAmigo eliminates obstacles to entry so that new agents, or apartment locators, can make more money, faster, without any previous experience required and no overhead costs. In some states (check your home state’s rules), apartment locating doesn’t even require a real estate license to get started.

To put it simply, AptAmigo created the best way to break into the industry and become a real estate expert in your own right.

Our Mission Statement

AptAmigo serves two communities: clients searching for a place to live and buildings searching for new residents. For clients, our apartment locators aim to transform the opaque and stressful process of finding an apartment into an easy and fun experience. For buildings, AptAmigo helps fill empty apartments quickly so that buildings maintain a steadier stream of income from qualified applicants.

This two-pronged objective underlies our mission statement

“Our mission is to be an asset to both renters and leasing offices: to deliver excellent information, superior customer service, and an unparalleled experience.”

When we connect clients with their dream buildings, everyone wins!

Our Values

Before AptAmigo came onto the scene, apartment hunting was stressful, exhausting, and full of unpredictable challenges for renters. Now, we lessen that burden and turn this chapter of clients’ lives into a pleasant, happy memory. Our values support this effort, creating a positive experience for clients, the buildings we serve, and our employees.

Our 3 cornerstone values include:


“AptAmigo was founded on the belief that renters deserve more transparency. Over time, that simple belief has woven its way into the fibers of our organization. Transparency helps us build trust, solve problems, collaborate, and adapt.”


“Collaboration is at the core of what we do. We collaborate with clients, and we collaborate with each other. Behind the effortless experience we give our clients, multiple teams are working together around the clock to make it all happen.”


“Whether it’s a last-minute change to a client’s schedule or a change in rental trends— quick wits, decisiveness, and a willingness to iterate are key. By fostering agility, our team is always prepared to face challenges head-on.”

Apartment Locator Working from Home

Company Culture

We work in a genuinely team-oriented environment. Instead of the cutthroat competition that some traditional brokerages foster, we build each other up because when one person succeeds, we all do. Collaboration and a sense of community permeate our company culture and structure. Just as our website states:

“We deliver excellent service to renters – as a team.

At AptAmigo, everyone works hard for the growth of the company and our clients. We show up everyday, ready to build something together that we are proud of. Anyone can bring ideas, propose changes, and carve out new projects—and every employee has a direct line to the leadership team. We lean on our core values and the skills of our teammates to bring ideas to life, and we lean on each other to keep morale high. We check-in outside of work, encourage work-life balance, and appreciate what each person brings to the table.”

Employees with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and personalities come together at AptAmigo with a single, purposeful goal: to create the most helpful team of real estate experts on the planet.

Read more about What Has Been Missing from Real Estate, and learn how AptAmigo solves those core problems.

Ready to join our team? We’re always looking for motivated individuals to join us. Apply today!

AptAmigo is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and does not discriminate based on race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law, in connection with any aspect of employment at AptAmigo.

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