Nashville’s social club and apartment community, Kenect, was built for today’s ‘new normal’ with incomparable coworking and social spaces for residents and members.


Over the past year, the average American home transformed from being solely a living space to one that serves professional, social and domestic purposes. Coworking environments are no longer just a valuable bonus amenity, but are now becoming a necessity in apartment communities across the US.

With more companies shifting to a flexible work from home policy, modern professionals need a go-to neutral space where they can work independently on tasks or alongside peers on the same project.

According to recent surveys, 1 in 4 Americans in the workforce are estimated to stay remote through 2021, and those numbers are projected to remain high even into 2025. In fact, 94% of 800 employers surveyed said that productivity remained the same, if not higher, when working remotely.

These trends in the professional realm offer a new degree of efficiency by cutting commute times and increasing virtual interaction. 

Increased flexibility in the work environment brought positive attention to the importance of thoughtful coworking spaces, specifically within living communities. Such common spaces allow for workers to effectively network with each other and cultivate ideas that might otherwise not have been possible.

Collaborative areas are equipped with the tools needed to foster a flexible and productive routine. Private spaces are also provided for when workers need alone time to focus.

Why Choose Kenect Apartments and Coworking Spaces?

Akara Living recognized these trends even before COVID-19, developing the apartment/coworking community, Kenect Nashville, located in the heart of Midtown. Kenect features some of the best amenities that Music City has to offer, including 16,000 square feet of flexible coworking space spanning across three floors.

Kenect’s coworking spaces allow residents and members to reap the benefits of working remotely while still enjoying the distinction of work from home. Residents of Kenect do not have to go far to engage in a productive environment while still leaving business at the door. 

“Exceptional hospitality has been at the core of our brand’s mission since Kenect’s inception over 7 years ago,” said Akara Living’s CEO Rajen Shastri. “We provide an unmatched service for our members that includes beautiful coworking space along with social programing and other hospitality food and beverage options all under one roof.”

The coworking space offers residents and members high speed internet, printing, dedicated desks and meeting rooms along with an open kitchen and unlimited coffee. However, Kenect’s coworking amenities go a step further than these physical resources—offering a robust social calendar and networking events, which foster a sense of community and professional growth. 

Community workspaces do not exclusively benefit residents working remotely. Coworking environments bridge the gap between the modern personal and professional lifestyles. At Kenect, non-residents can also purchase a Float membership that offers access to community workspaces, unique programming and other amenities including a pool and gym. 

“We pride ourselves on keeping Kenect on the cutting-edge of today’s new social culture and want members to feel accommodated and have a unique experience they want to share with their friends,” said Carroll VanHook-Weaver, Kenect’s Director of Leasing and Marketing. “A membership here means an individual has access to many amenity outlets, spaces to explore and opportunities to meet and connect with people they never would have met elsewhere.”

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