At AptAmigo, we build a collaborative company culture. We dislike workplaces that center around every-person-for-themselves cutthroat environments. Sure, a little healthy competition implemented in good spirit can motivate employees and be fun, but at this company, we operate first and foremost as a team, and we work together to create a positive and supportive community.

That’s why, when asked, “What is the single most important skill that helped you succeed as an apartment locator?,” our sales reps delivered. They responded, not just with a few terse remarks, but with excellent advice, and an abundance of it! 

Thus, in that same spirit of collaboration and support, we decided to gather their wisdom in one place and share it in full. Below is a complete list of feedback for current and future locators on how to succeed in this exciting career.


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The Collective Fount of Apartment Locator Wisdom

Here it is, straight from the source:

“The apartment market moves FAST and keeps you on your toes, so you have to adapt as the market changes and be ready to pivot to meet your clients needs.” – Hannah Dorn, Sales Manager

“Listen to your clients’ needs and be a participant in your community.” – Jamey Burgett, Apartment Locator

“Consistency: Without commitment you’ll never start. Without consistency you’ll never finish.” – Denzel Washington, as quoted by Apartment Locator, Adam Harvey

“The ability to make a new friend with any passing stranger! Clients will put their trust in you the more you connect with them on a personal level.” – Drew Schwietz, Apartment Locator

“Don’t dwell on the lows or highs for too long. This job moves too fast to be negative during the bad moments and cocky during the good ones. Always find an element of happiness throughout your day.” – Andy Heller, Senior Apartment Locator

“Tenacity: Always being determined to complete any task or goal — from lead generation to deal closing — with an unwillingness to give up until you accomplish what you set out to do.” – Joe Petramale, Director of Sales

“Connect with clients, and not just on the surface level. Truly identify their needs and wants, while also acting as their trusted guide during the apartment search. Earning someone’s trust so quickly is a big responsibility!” – Ellen Spiker, Apartment Locator

“People want to relate to the agent who will make such a big impact on their lives. It’s important to show them that they aren’t just a deal, but a person you made a fiduciary commitment to. All they want to know is that you have their best interest at heart.” – Jason Baran, Apartment Locator

“Transparency: Conveying genuine honesty and transparency is crucial to developing a strong relationship with clients. Offering insights on the market and yourself is an easy way to garner trust. Once trust is established, the world is your oyster.” – Scott Bratt, Apartment Locator

“Positivity: You’ll receive no’s, objections, and denials every single day as a sales rep, but all these obstacles make every closed deal feel that much better.” – Alex Anderson, Sales Manager

“Clients should not be treated as clients. They should be treated as friends.” – Sean Liesz, Manager of Sales Onboarding

“Coachability and Collaboration: Whether you are new to the role, or a seasoned vet, there are always ways to improve and new things to learn. The vital keys to success include, not only listening to and implementing constructive feedback from management and leadership, but also a willingness to proactively reach out to your peers to find solutions or motivation.” – Bobby Brandt, Apartment Locator

“You get what you put in, and that will determine your success. If you put in 100%, you’ll get that in return.” – Mo Sanderson, Content Marketing Strategist

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