Those of us that are dog owners know how important it is to find a place to live that not only suits our needs, but the needs of our furry roommates too. Is it a pet-friendly apartment building? Is there a park nearby? Where is the closest pet store? All of these questions matter when you’re deciding where you and your pet(s) are living for the next year.

AptAmigo has noticed one of the hottest trends in real estate right now is that big-shot developers have finally woken up to the fact that many people in their target demographic have dogs. Ta-da! Dog owners: they are rolling out the red carpet for us.

The best example of this is the arrival of grooming tubs in downtown, dog friendly Chicago high-rises. Because our dogs are chic and they need amenities, too!

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Pet-Friendly Apartment Grooming Tips

We sat down with Rachel Vazquez, from Kriser’s Natural Pet, to figure out how exactly we use one of these tubs ourselves, and to get some tips and tricks for bathing. Since visuals are always better we partnered with One Tail at a Time dog rescue to help bathe one of their VERY adoptable puppies, Ellie!

Q: How does a professional groomer use a grooming tub?

“First, I place a grooming loop over the pet’s neck to keep them secure. Then, I place the pet into the tub and attach the other end of the grooming loop to the secure ring to the other side of the tub. Before wetting the dog, I  turn on the water for a few moments to help them feel comfortable with the sounds. Finally, I wash the pet as instructed.”

Q: How should I prepare my dog for a bath?

“Before bathing your pet, you should complete a brush-out to loosen the fur and remove any mats. It is not recommended to wash a pet with mats. The mats will tighten and may not be able to thoroughly dry.”

Does your dog have a lot of energy? Try and tire them out with lots of play time before their bath.

One Tail at a Time Volunteers Eunice and Cara fitting in some much deserved play time with Ellie, Butterball, and Alexis.

Q: Is there any part of my dog that I should not get wet?

“You don’t want to get water in your pet’s ears. Place a few cotton balls in their ears before they bathe and clean them afterwards with Pet Ear Cleaning Solution to prevent ear infections.”

Q: Is there certain shampoo to use for dry skin? Thick fur?

“If your dog has seriously sensitive or dry skin, use a hypo-allergenic or oatmeal-based shampoo. For dogs with a thick coat, the Furminator products work great! “

To test just how convenient these grooming tubs are we attempted to give Ellie a bath the old fashioned way. We have to admit, the grooming tub would have been much easier!

Q: Ellie is still a puppy; should I use a different kind of soap for her than what I’d use for adult dogs?

“There are different types of soap formulated for both puppies and adult pets. Come into any Kriser’s location and we will walk you through our different selections.”

Q: How can I help Ellie enjoy bath time?

“Use positive reinforcement! Let your pet sense your confidence and reward them throughout the process with their favorite treats.”

Q: How often should I bathe Ellie in between visits to Kriser’s Natural Pet groomers?

“Bathing your pet every 4-6 weeks is recommended. It gives the skin time to develop its natural oils that prevents the skin from drying. To help maintain your pet’s coat, use dog wipes and brush out the coat in between baths.”

Well, that doesn’t sound half bad. If I was a betting woman, I’d say this trend is here to stay. Chicago is going to have the cleanest pups around!

Rachel Vasquez is a long-time pet stylist at Kriser’s Natural Pet store in Lincoln Park. She has three furry roommates of her own: a rough collie named Coda; a french bulldog named Bones; and a tortoiseshell cat named Percosa. To book an appointment with Rachel, call her at (773) 871-3663, or visit her at 2055 N. Clybourn Ave during business hours.

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